Rugrats Adventure Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
The game starts with the rats watching a Reptar movie. This develops into an animated sequence. The black bar at the bottom of the screen is there throughout the game
The start of game animation ends with Angelica putting Reptar into the trash, the game's objective then becomes how to save him
So the game begins. The icons at the bottom of the screen only appear when the mouse cursor strays down there. Most of the time the bottom of the screen is a black bar
Objects, like this screwdriver, can be found and added to the inventory.
The inventory is held in Tommy's diaper. To get at things first click on Tommy and then select the item
So the rats escape the playpen but before they can rescue Reptar he's taken outside
Then the rats make it outside but before they can rescue Reptar they're caught and sent back to the playpen. The is just like the program, lots of dialogue in false kiddie voices and a story
Starting a new game. The game only allows eight characters for the player id but it does store multiple names
When restarting a game it is possible to see the unlocked cut-scenes again and to replay some of the puzzles