Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose Adventure mode or 2, 3 or 4 players.
This is how scenes change.
Opening cinematic
Choose your character.
Starting the game with Chuckie.
I found a red ticket.
There are help kiosks all over that can help you with controls, if you need it.
I went into a ticket redemption center but I don't have enough tickets to get anything.
I'm going on the monorail.
These are the areas the monorail can take you.
I got out at Reptar Island.
I went into a building and it is Retar Bumper Tag.
And away we go.
Aww...they won.

PlayStation version

The game starts with a lengthy trailer for the movie which does not seem to be optional.
The game's title screen
This is the game's main menu. The up/down arrows give the impression there may be more options off-screen but there aren't
These ate the game's configuration options
Starting a new game. There are just the two options in the PlayStation version whereas there are four options in the Nintendo version
The game starts with a 'cute' animation that explains the plot. The princess is locked in a tower on a volcano by Robosnail and only Reptar can free her but Reptar doesn't know she's there.
The player gets to select their character from this crowd. There's a new character in the game, a little French girl from the movie. Now there's two girls, two boys and two don't knows
The start of the game. The objective is to collect the red tickets, use them to buy stuff, use the stuff to complete mini games and win gold tickets.
This is a map of Euroreptarland
This is what we are playing for. The helmet that will control Reptar so that the princess can be rescued
Up ahead is a mini puzzle game but first we need the puzzle pieces
Each mini game is inside a building of some sort. Outside there is a kiosk which shows what the controls for the game are.
the Baseball Toss mini game. Pretty tough standards here, sixteen out of twenty just to get to the next round! To get to round three it's twenty-five out of thirty-one
Playing the Baseball Toss mini game