Rugrats: Studio Tour Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game's title screen
After pressing the START button the game plays a short animation showing the Pickles family arriving at the studio. This is the gang shortly before they lose the grown-ups again.
This is the main menu. the left/right controls rotate the point of view to show a different character & menu option. Angelica is the multiplayer option, Chucky loads an old game etc
Starting the game. Each character has their own series of mini games and the left/right controls rotate the point of view to show each in turn
Chucky's game is 'Outside Space'
Whenever the player selects a new action a cinema style play-board is displayed. One even precedes the introduction
Each character enters a new area of the studio to play their mini games. This triggers an animation, here a guy in costume is welcoming them Chucky to the game
So Chucky's had the greeting and can get on with his games. Down the corridor there are rooms and there's a different game in each room. The same format is used for other characters
The start of one of Chucky's games, Zero Gees. It's a runny jumpy platform thing
Chucky in the Zero Gees game. He has to collect those Reptar tokens but it's hard to judge the perspective
Fans of the genre rejoice! There are moving platforms and timed jumps to be made
Chucky cannot die in this game. There are no lives to be lost so whenever he missed a jump he always lands safely and restarts
Chucky's Loonie Lander game. A timed game when he must run everything down to kill baddies and collect tokens
Each game room contains a spot where pressing triangle explains the game's controls. This is Sue's western mine game
Sue's Western Golf game. Triangle starts the power meter and a second triangle takes the shot
Sue's Western Golf game. Different characters play each hole. After each hole the score is displayed
This strange beast is Angelica in a pirate hat and costume.
Angelica must open chests to collect keys. The grey squiggle is a map of the explored area. This shows another bad camera angle, there's a tough jump