Rule of Rose Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
The long opening movie is beautifully crafted
The short in-game intro shows Jennifer alone on the road
Those "story books" are enigmatic short tales with strange childish art you'll collect along the way
Exploring the mansion side - strange images on the wall...
The game's prologue is set in a creepy mansion
Get used to such scenes and images...
Found a mysterious photo. The story gives away very little in the beginning
Sometimes you'll find helpful area maps
A very strange scene. Was there a macabre cult? A desolate prayer? A sacrifice? Play the game and find out... much later
The game has several fairly long pre-rendered animated sequences. And they are sometimes very scary!..
Another scary scene - Jennifer is being tormented...
This weird thing will save your game and give a few hints
On the way to the "Aristocrat Society" - you'll return here many times...
Exploring the zeppelin, where much of the game takes place. You'll meet several weird characters
Close-up on an item you found
Combat! It is clumsy, weird, and comfortable. Luckily, it's also infrequent!
Talk about disturbing movies...
Note the masterful lighting and the strange art...
Jennifer is petting her dog Brown - certainly the game's most original gameplay element, and a heart-warming one too!
Brown can find useful items if you issue the right orders. These health-restoring biscuits are rare and valuable!
Jennifer and Brown are exploring the huge zeppelin. There are many rooms to visit
You can try and attack non-hostile characters - but you can't hurt them, no matter how creepy they are
A full inventory with some interesting items
Jennifer is calling Brown in the cafeteria