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Running Hard, But Not Getting Very Far PlayStation 2 D P (139)

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PlayStation 2 8 3.1
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Combined User Score 8 3.1

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PlayStation 2PGNx Media (Dec 18, 2002)
With a development time that rivals Rare’s efforts, Run Like Hell is an appropriately named action-horror title. The name is pretty ‘unique’ but it is how you’ll feel during the game. You play as Nick Conner who is a military hero on a deep space mining station. When he returns one day, he finds that almost everyone is dead or dying. He goes to check the station’s cameras and while doing so finds himself in a mess of bodies and blood. He then hears a large ‘bang’ and sees an alien who grabs and rips the head of his partner. The game’s title comes to use as Connor well… runs like hell.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (May, 2003)
Some say that shoddy graphics, a repetitive soundtrack, a low number of enemy types, and thrown-together cutscenes plague the PS2 version of RLH. Gladly, each of these issues has been touched up, making the Xbox version a simple escapist title that's worth picking up.
XboxNext Level Gaming (Apr 08, 2003)
There are a couple of additions to the game though that really made me bump up the score. First off, there is downloadable content from Xbox Live. Vivendi is working on having some exclusive mini-games and skins available right at the game's launch. Now that's more than just taking a game and porting it. So bonus points for that! Run Like Hell is really one of only 3 horror survival games on the Xbox. I think it's worth renting to see if you like it.
XboxPGNx Media (Apr 30, 2003)
The Xbox is home to great survival games like Silent Hill 2 and Fatal Frame. Run Like Hell, fits accurately on the big ‘Box. If you are jealous of Gamecube owners flaunting their latest Resident Evil games, pick up Run like Hell for $30, you’ll get a good bang for your buck. Xbox Live download support also promises extra goodies.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Oct 29, 2002)
Run Like Hell has been in development a long time. I mean Milton Berle long. And everyone that gets that joke is my new best friend. All joking aside, when a game is in development for a long time, people begin to make assumptions. And one of those assumptions is that any game that is delayed so many times must have something wrong with it. When you couple this with the fact that Run Like Hell was originally being designed as Silent Hill in Space where avoiding a fight would have been just as important as winning a fight you get raised eyebrows. I can't say what version of the game would have been better. But I do know that I like very much the game of Run Like Hell that was released.
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (Nov 04, 2002)
Long-time PS2 fans may recognize this title as being announced even before the release of the PS2 itself, there is no doubting that this game has been a long time coming. What some people may not know, however, is that the title “Run Like Hell”, or RLH, as it is now known, was also the name of a game created in 1987, published by Eurosoft for the Commodore 64. But I digress. Historical references aside, this third-person action adventure title puts you in the shoes of Nicholas Conner, a decorated war hero who was demoted from major to captain rank as a result of his disobeying the general’s orders, even though in doing so he was able to snuff out the enemy and win the war. Now, as captain, he is assigned to monitoring Border Worlds on the Forseti space station.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (May, 2003)
Seeing a continue option pop up immediately upon death sort of neuters the drama. RLH's graphics are below Xbox standards, in my opinion. In all though, it's a good time for fans of this genre.
XboxDefunct Games (Oct 21, 2017)
The game is not one of the best looking Xbox games out there, but it still looks decent. The locations on the station are diverse enough to keep my bearings; I didn't get lost like I did with OverBlood. The atmosphere wasn't the thickest I'd ever seen, but it was good enough to instill some dread. The alien designs for the friendlies were creative, particularly the lobster-looking Dr. Mek voiced by Kate Mulgrew. In contrast, the ones you blast through the majority of the game are rather generic. The Scouts are such facehugger rip-offs that I'm suprised Fox didn't sue Interplay. The sound design is mostly very atmospheric. However, the metal from Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin that plays during the boss fights kills the vibe.
PlayStation 2Just Adventure (Nov 21, 2002)
My favorite part of the game are the vending machines scattered about the space station that distribute a real drink named Bawls. Drinking Bawls supplies Nick with instant energy and also what is now my favorite tag-line from a video game: Grab your Bawls and Run Like Hell.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Oct 01, 2002)
It’s been said that in space, no one can hear you scream. Theoretically, this is because there is no air in the perfect vacuum that is space -- ergo, no possibility for sound to travel and therefore, no scream. However, as far as science fiction TV shows, movies and video games are concerned, everyone can hear you scream, especially if there are large, bloodthirsty aliens tearing after you and everyone you know. Throw in tightly confined spaces, multiple high-risk rescue missions and grizzled veterans, and you’ve got the makings for a movie script or a game concept. One where you’d have to Run Like Hell to survive, just like the new title from Interplay and Digital Mayhem.
XboxGame Freaks 365 (Apr 19, 2003)
Game Freaks 365 is usually kind to mediocre titles, such as Run Like Hell and we would like to continue our tradition. RLH (Run Like Hell) offers detailed graphics and textures, along with a realistic presentation of the gaming world. Remarkably, I thought of RLH as a cheap version of Halo, without the colorful characters, multiple weapons, and multiple vehicles. Fortunately it does keep you entertained and asking for more.
XboxXBox-Zone (Dec 18, 2003)
Die Xbox-Version des Sci-Fi-Horrorspektakels erscheint in Deutschland in einer winzigen Auflage und wird auch nicht lokalisiert. Dabei ist das düstere Abenteuer gar nicht mal so schlecht - bis auf das leichte, aber stetige Ruckeln der Grafik und das recht geradlinige Gameplay. Außerdem gibt es nur wenige verschiedene Monsterarten, wodurch der Grusel- und Überraschungsfaktor schnell nachlässt. Dank der tollen Präsentation ist der Titel dennoch ein solides Survival-Horror-Game in der Tradition von Resident Evil oder Silent Hill.
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 09, 2002)
Run Like Hell is finally finished and in stores after a very lengthy development cycle. Touting a large list of well-known and veteran Hollywood actors, Digital Mayhem threw everything but the kitchen sink at this sci-fi action-horror game. Unfortunately, the final game still doesn't seem finished or entirely polished.
XboxGameZone (May 06, 2003)
There is a lot to be desired in RLH, but there are several promising points in the game as well. If you like your games with an involving storyline and easy, RLH will probably be right down your alley. Other gamers will find a multitude of other Xbox titles to better occupy their time.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Oct 31, 2002)
There’s no need to “run like hell” from this title, but it’s not a bad idea to sidle cautiously away. Recycled gameplay, overused mechanics and jarring shifts between mini-challenges and exploration will leave you slightly disconnected from the overall experience. What’s more, the checkpoint save system will force you to scale your playing sessions to their capricious whims. Given its long development time, Run Like Hell doesn’t play half as smooth as its competition, and if it weren’t for the sci-fi master cast assembled as voice talent, the title might drop off the charts altogether. As it stands, the story is solid, and you get to play through a sci-fi thriller with a quality script and solid acting. It may not be the most immersive experience ever, but Run Like Hell is an acceptable diversion when you’ve exhausted the genre.
PlayStation (Nov 11, 2003)
Sorti trop tard, Run Like Hell a toutes les peines du monde à maintenir le joueur éveillé devant sa télé. La pauvre réalisation et les phases de jeu sans éclat en sont les deux raisons principales.
XboxGamePro (US) (Apr 07, 2003)
Add to this a hackneyed story and a goofy soundtrack that can't decide whether to copy Silent Hill or Rob Zombie, and you have a survival/horror game that's tolerably playable but hardly a must-own. It could've been a better game if Interplay took a few more months to polish it, didn't. At least the price is appropriate.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Oct 14, 2002)
I have to admit that I am a true follower and admirer of the survival-horror genre and there have been enough titles in this genre that have stolen my heart completely. So it was with great interest that I was anxiously waiting for the arrival of a sci-fi survival-horror game known as Run Like Hell way back when it was first announced several months ago. The result is game that is a shadow of what could have been something so much better.
XboxIGN (Apr 04, 2003)
The last time I checked, survival horror games were supposed to be scary. The only thing frightening about Run Like Hell is the prospect of having to play through it more than once. The incessant combat feels like filler designed to make the game longer. So do the plentiful and unoriginal puzzles. What's left? Not much. While Run Like Hell isn't quite "Throw your controller at the screen" awful, it's bad enough that there's really no reason anybody should even think about buying it. Until another worthwhile survival horror game makes its way to the Xbox, you'd be better off just playing Silent Hill again. This one should have stayed on the PS2.
XboxGameSpot (Apr 03, 2003)
RLH was an often-delayed game for the PlayStation 2 that didn't turn out so well, despite all the time it spent in development. Now, the game has now surfaced on the Xbox. Even with the addition of a new level and some downloadable Xbox Live content, the core game is still roughly the same--a sci-fi action adventure game that, much like its PlayStation 2 counterpart, feels rushed and unfinished.
XboxGameSpy (Mar 31, 2003)
The solid sound design is complemented by the Xbox-enabled Dolby 5.1 output; having nasty alien sounds reverberating in your room counters the animation problems pretty well. The music ranges widely, often doing the lion's share of the work when it comes to scares, but it's not woven into the game as seamlessly as it might be, with too much of the game played in near-silence. Boss battles feature the nu-metal stylings of Breaking Benjamin, and while the jolt of adrenalin is welcome, the sound is way out of context with the quieter, creepy body of the game.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Oct 08, 2002)
Run Like Hell, or as it is now known, RLH, is finally here, after months and months of delays. This sci-fi action adventure game was first announced before the PlayStation 2 had even hit store shelves in the US, and it had seemingly slipped under the radar until now. Gamers who may have been excited about the game so long ago may have even forgotten about it, and sadly, the end result is a game that--despite its lengthy development cycle--still feels rushed and incomplete.