Runespell: Overture Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening loading screen
Title screen / Main menu
Setting options
Opening storyline
Waking up with what else, amnesia
Map screen
Before a battle starts
The game contains a tutorial to help players become acclimated with the rules
Forming a poker hand allows the player to attack
Attacking animation
Poker hands and the damage they will inflict
Conversation after the battle
Victory screen
The Changeling got jokes
How to open a treasure chest
Got a Powercard from the treasure chest
Equipping a Powercard
Furthering the story along
Gained a new ally
Explaining the Rage Points mechanic
About to use the Fire Shield spell
Fire Shield in use
Ally gallery
Inventory screen
Getting a quest
Quest log
Arrived at the Deepwalker Camp
Inside the Deepwalker Camp
Dealing with the trader
Battling a Cloudborn Nisse
Battling an Ashhob
Lost a battle