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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

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PlayStation 2
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    A hero from the old school - and we're talking the 1980s here, so we're not kidding - Rygar originally swung into action in arcades worldwide in 1986. He made it onto consoles of the day a year later, then popped up on the Atari Lynx and eleven years on, he's coming to PlayStation 2. It may have been a long journey but it looks like it was worth it, with his new incarnation featuring a full 3D environment, spectacular graphics influenced by Hollywood, and the all-new Diskarmor - Rygar's legendary weapon.


    Pitched like a mix of Gladiator and Clash of the Titans, Rygar begins with our hero failing in his pathetic bodyguard attempts and managing to get his favourite Princess Harmonia kidnapped. Ooops. Seeing this as an excellent excuse to throw his weight around a bit, he promptly gets thrown into a pit by a monster, where an ethereal voice tells him to get up, stop messing about, and go kick some monster butt with this here giant yo-yo.

    The 'yo-yo' in question is of course the mighty Diskarmor, the extremely versatile weapon that you rarely found being used to 'walk the dog'. Instead, it can be used to dispatch your enemies with a flick of the wrist, and also as an aid to transporting you around. You can throw the Diskarmor across chasms and use it as a hook, swing from it, jump on ropes and use it as a pulley and even have it lift you into the air. All this functionality doesn't come out of the box though - oh no, you need to upgrade the Diskarmor with mystic stones that you'll find on Rygar's travels. Up to four of them can be attached to the Diskarmor so you should find you've got a stone for every occasion.

    Even though giant spinning disks on chains didn't feature in many of the history books we read at school, Rygar draws its inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology to create a unique world of adventure. Every level is packed with excellent details to take in, which are so impressive that you might find yourself pausing in the action to take in the scenery. You'll also face off against some inspired monsters, such as the angelic (but still decidedly evil) Icarus, the one-eyed Cyclopes and of course, everyone's favourite mouthful Hekatonchieres.

    For those of you picking up every retro remake with a teary glint of nostalgia, Rygar needs to be on your shopping list. All that made the original installments great has been recreated for PlayStation 2, with the added bonus that everything's in 3D and looks fab. If you're looking for an action adventure that's decidedly different from the norm (We remind you of the Diskarmor) then Rygar's the one for you too. And if you could never quite get that Cat's Cradle to work, then perhaps you can take out your yo-yo frustrations on some Cyclopes.


  • Wield the legendary Diskarmor

  • Gather Mystic Stones to upgrade your weaponry

  • Swing, jump and hook your way through 60 levels

  • Featuring music by the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra

    Contributed by Xoleras (66152) on Mar 06, 2005.