Advertising Blurbs - Game Boy Advance:
    They're back. Just when you thought the spandex-clad space rangers were gone, they're back in action for Game Boy Advance. The evil Ransik has escaped and only the Rangers can capture him. The various missions take place throughout time as you try to recapture the enemy. Interspersed throughout the standard punch and kick stages are large-scale zord battles, where players combat nasty mutants with their own robot superwarriors. If you still have a hankerin' for Power Rangers, give Time Force a go.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Jan 31, 2005.

THQ UK website - Game Boy Advance:


    Fast-forward to action as a new crew of superteens tackle the challenges of time and space in Power Rangers Time Force. Equipped with futuristic vehicles and gadgets, the Rangers will leap forward and backward through the ages to fight evil wherever it occurs. Where will they be sent next? What new peril awaits them? Get ready to experience the ride of your life with Power Rangers Time Force. Are you ready to take the quantum leap on your favourite game systems?

    All new 32-Bit game engine with pre-rendered 3-D characters and awesome lighting effects

    Travel through time with the Power Rangers and explore the Wild West, Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, and the 21st century

    Battle fearsome enemies including Cyclobots, Megazords, and the evil Ransik

    Special Megazord battle mode

    Password system to save your progress

    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Aug 30, 2004.