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Sabre Wulf

Sabre Wulf Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Game menu
First screen
Second screen
Game Over

Sabre Wulf Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Combined Title and High score page
The opening screen where Sabre Man has just eaten a Red flower
Facing a Rhinoceros and a lizard while a Hippo runs the other way up top
The Tribesman up top is indestructible but he can be turned away from you by attacking him.
Just one piece, is that all you've found? Collect three more then outward bound.
A clearing in the forest with a small lake.
Three pieces found with just one more to go.
A sleeping Hippo blocks your path.
The legendary Sabre Wulf patrols the bottom of the map. Indestructible and unaffected by your sword. Best to just run.
Stay too long in one area and a fire will appear, sometimes forcing you to leave the area.
A tribesman's hut in a small clearing. Also a fire is forming.
The final exit guarded by the gatekeeper. He will only leave if you have all four pieces of the amulet.

Sabre Wulf Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game start
A T-junction
Find the way to the money
Lots to take out here
Finally I can get to the top bit
Collectibles here
That's about to bite me from behind
A pretty lake
Ultimate's usual rhyming
The hippo's asleep
The purple bits border the whole game
This must be a corner then

Sabre Wulf Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu