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    Legend has it that Whomever Possesses
    is Assured of Power and Protection in all Battles

    as Chris Young, You’re Going to Need it.

    Passed by word-of-mouth from century to century, the legend of THE SACRED MIRROR OF KOFUN tells of a magical mirror with protective powers given to a powerful warlord by his loving wife. Once dismissed as a fable, the discovery of an ancient document gave the tale new credence, and the quest to recover the mirror began.

    The story begins in the fourth century of ancient Japan, the period in history known as the Kofun, after the large earth mounds that contained the tombs of powerful warlords. Lord Ishuta was one such warlord. Head of the army of Yamato, he fought wave after wave of invaders seeking to capture the rich and fertile plains of his homeland on the Kinai Plain. With each invasion, Maiko, Ishuta's wife, trembled in fear for her husband's life and desperately looked for a talisman to protect him. One day, before departing for a battle certain to leave many dead, Maiko handed Ishuta a large bronze mirror. The mirror cast powerful reflections and Ishuta was able to defeat his enemies by shining the mirror directly at them, blinding them with its flash. To celebrate her husband's triumph, Maiko had the story of the glorious and unusual victory engraved on the back of the mirror.

    When Ishuta died, Maiko placed the mirror in her husband's tomb, along with his armor, helmet, and sword, as a sign of her undying love. Years later, she was buried next to Ishuta and these precious relics.

    And there the mirror stayed, while its legend grew. Over the years, the story passed from history to fantasy. Fifty years after the end of World War II, an ancient document came to light, retelling the story with convincing historical detail. The archaeological world was impressed. Steve Grant, the powerful head of the International Scientific Committee and board member of the influential Worldwide Heritage organization, took a special interest in the document, suspecting myth and reality might be one.

    His own attempt to find the mirror failed, but he summoned his friend and colleague, John Braddy, to try his hand. Braddy eventually found his way to Ishuta'slost tomb, but was surprised by what he found (or did not find!) when he attempted to recover the mirror.

    The adventure continues onboard Jean-Michel's high-tech ship Antares, stationed now in Honolulu, as its crew prepares an expedition to launch the undersea lab Poseidon.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Sep 02, 2007.

Back Cover - Windows/MacIntosh (US):
    Your daring undersea mission in the Pacific is cut short by an S.O.S. from a missing scientist. Clues point to the mysterious Sacred Mirror.

    Strange events soon lead in all directions through eerie underwater reefs and wrecks, onto exotic tropical islands and into the intrigues of an international cast of characters.

    The Sacred Mirror of Kofun combines ancient legend and underwater adventure with the brain-twisting suspense of a high tech mystery.

    • First Adventure game with real underwater footage.

    • More than 80 hours of gameplay.

    • Gorgeous fully rendered 360o explorable environments

    • Over two hours of vivid full motion video.

    • Thousands of realistic 3-D images to explore.

    • Puzzles and clues to challenge you at every turn.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Sep 02, 2007.