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PlayStationGameplay RPG
Bon, je crois vous avoir à peu près tout dis, donc si vous faîtes un minimum confiance à Square et bien évidemment à moi, foncez acheter ce petit bijou.
I was one of the few gamers to enjoy the original SaGa Frontier, despite its flaws. I was therefore glad to see that they addressed many of my complaints with the original, and they produced a game that I can recommend. It's short, so it may be better off as a rental, but if you're looking for something different, check it out. If nothing else, it's a testament to 2D and solid gameplay.
Un Rpg vraiment à essayer ! Le meilleur de la "saga" pour moi, dans un style totalement atypique. Et Hamauzu est magique.
PlayStationSuper Play
Rent tekniskt kanske grafiken i SaGa Frontier 2 inte riktigt kommer upp i samma klass som Final Fantasy VII och VIII, men vem har sagt att det har någon betydelse? Det är ungefär som att bedöma en konstnärs målningar efter vilken pensel han har använt. Eller att köpa en skiva därför att musikerna spelar snabbt. Och det är definitivt ingenting som lockar mig.
PlayStationGamer's Pulse
Gee, I really feel like this review was full of mostly gripes, but they are small annoyances. Compared to the great story (which I won’t speak much of…I hate when reviewers ruin a story by talking too much of it) and the wonderful graphics, I think this is a purchase that an RPG fan would not be disappointed in. This game certainly isn’t for action-type people who are looking to try something different (the storybook approach would drive them crazy). Rather, Saga Frontier 2 is for the true RPGer who loves a deep and long story, developed characters, and the graphics to back them up. Enjoy!
All in all, SaGa Frontier 2 is worth trying. If you thought the original SF was a flawed game that had promise, you'll love it. If the original SF made you gag, well, I'd still try it. But then again, I am a bit of a masochist.
In conclusion, SF2 was a good game. If I had it to do over again I'd still buy it, but I'd be glad to give it away when done, since there's no real reason to keep it unless you collect. It's more a 7-day or 14-day rental than a buy.
Saga Frontier 2 est une bien belle aventure, empreinte de poésie et d’héroïsme, le tout dans un univers moyen-âgeux et épique très marqué. La quête est belle, l’action présente, et le volet rôle très accentué. Mention bien.
It is SaGa Frontier 2's look that will hook gamers in for the long haul. While graphics rarely make a game better, the hand-painted environments and highly detailed characters show just how a 2D game can still look better than most 3D titles on the market. The artwork is amazing and may prompt gamers to keep pressing on through the overly complicated battles and occasionally snail-paced gameplay. Square fans take note and be sure to give SF2 a deserved look.
While the characters fade in and out rapidly over the short course of the game, and the end is such a massive challenge that few see the game through, SaGa Frontier II is overall a rich tapestry of a game with many memorable moments. For any RPGamer who can set a game aside at it's climax, or the rare few daring enough to brave an incredible challenge, SaGa Frontier II is well worth a look.
Square is recognized as one of the best developers of role-playing games in the world thanks to its habit of consistently releasing games with epic storylines and cutting edge graphics. While the company's most well known series is undoubtedly Final Fantasy, Square has released almost as many different games in its SaGa series. SaGa Frontier 2 is the latest game in this long running series that began on Nintendo's Game Boy.
PlayStationPrivat Computer PC
her er ikke andet end skelettet til dét, der gør Final Fantasy og de andre Square-RPG'er til mindeværdige oplevelser. Den status når SaGa Frontier 2 langt fra.
Unnecessarily tampering with a winning formula, SaGa Frontier proved the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." SaGa Frontier 2 shows that it's never too late to fix things. Updating the series' traditional format with a lavish graphical style and 32-bit complexity, SaGa Frontier 2 will likely please RPG fans who are able to overlook the first title's looming shadow.
PlayStationMega Fun
Leider überzeugt Saga Frontier 2 längst nicht so, wie es der sehr gefällige erste Teil getan hat. Insbesondere die Bedienung (vor allem das Kampfsystem) ist zu kompliziert geworden. Zig Menüpunkte und Verteilungsmöglichkeiten, ohne eine vernünftige Erklärung anzubieten, geben zu wenig Übersicht über das, was das Game eigentlich kann. Das dürfte die breite Masse der RPG-Gemeinde ebenso abschrecken wie mich. Technisch bewegt sich SF2 unter dem Squaresoft-Niveau. Über die Zeichentrickgrafik lässt sich streiten, da sie sehr vom Geschmack des Einzelnen abhängt. Der mäßige Sound sowie die schwache deutsche Übersetzung lassen mich das Rollenspiel jedoch schnell wieder in die Ecke stellen.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games
In effect what we have here is a game with lofty ambitions and a unique graphical style that is fatally flawed by its own inability to fulfill the enormous task it has set itself. While it tries to take the emphasis off single characters and create an interactive storybook, it fails to keep the players interest engaged though its combination of poor script, horrible battle system and fuzzy, badly thought out plot twists and flat characterisation.