Sagaia Screenshots

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Arcade version

Multi-screen game - screenshot!
Blasting on Mercury.
Blast the aliens.
Behind you.
Flying rocks.
Blast the fish.
The end of level boss.
Another boss behind you.
Choose your route.
Cold empty world.
Ground defenses as well to blast.

Genesis version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Part of the game demo sequence
Gameplay on level one
The first end of level boss fires some lasers at you...
The stage select screen
It's a surprise missile attack!
The path can be narrow at times
Warning! Huge battleship approaching fast...
That's a mega bomb just below Alloy Lantern; shoot it to destroy!
My shield is gone; now would be a bad time to get hit!
Watch out for that laser fire...
Powerful weaponry to destroy multiple enemies with a single shot can be key
Hey, an end of level boss was hiding beneath this battleship!
The gold shield is the most powerful one available
Some levels have a mini-boss half way through
Red Crab firing some bubbles at me
Attacking a sea turtle ?!
Zone M: enemies attacking from all directions!
Uh oh, extreme bullet attack!
This fish has a protective shield
Hmm, the tunnel ahead appears to be blocked...
Power shield
Some enemies.

SEGA Master System version

Level 1
I've acquired a shield!
Fighting an end of level boss
It's a rocket attack!
Enemies often appear in great quantities
Warning! Enemy ship approaching fast...
Battling Alloy Lantern
Those rockets home in on you fast...
Select the next stage to play
A giant squid attacks!
A well guarded (and narrow) passageway
The gold colored shield is the most powerful available
A giant battleship!? An enemy is hiding beneath it...
Avoid the mega lasers...
Like other Darius games, the end of level bosses are all seafood...
Fight enemies beneath Earths oceans...
Shoot all of the enemy formation behind you to release a power up item
It's an all out attack from behind!
Enemies can attack from all directions...
Zone H; still no break in the action!
An end of level boss called Grand Octopus

TurboGrafx CD version

The huge letters of the title first fill the screen...
...until they turn into the title screen (Japanese version)
Configuration screen
Level select
The sun level
Fighting a big blue fish!
Fiery fishes jump at me
Got a new power up. Dropping bombs on those guys below
Got even more power ups. Blasting everything in sight. Getting a warning
They said it's a battle ship. I think it's a fish. You hear me? A FISH!..
Good to know
Pesky stationary dudes
*sigh* Great. More fish
I'm turning red because of all those fishes... the battle is taken to a cave
Pretty colors! Pretty colors!..
Why do you keep following me. Can I get some privacy here, please?..
This boss is once again... well, maybe not fish. But seafood definitely