Sakura Taisen 2: Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
My personal favorite, Li Honglan
Intro: the theater stage is just a facade...
Go robot, go!
It was a creepy night...
Demon King, the game's most mysterious antagonist. Whose face hides behind the mask?
What a contrast. Such a peaceful view
Oogami Ichirou, sir! Ready to seduce pretty girls... eh... I mean... do battle! Sir!
Chapter 1 begins.
Your idiot boss Komeda
Taishou era, the beginning of 20th century
Sakura, the series' title heroine
If it only weren't for this spoiled brat...
The navigation map has a clock now. Ichirou looks more stylish.
Finally, alone in my room
Here you can save your game and see how well you are doing with the girls.
A new girl appears: Soretta Orihime, half-Italian, half-Japanese. Deadly mixture...
Your current relationship status
Talking to Honglan over the radio.
In the evening, Sakura changes clothes.
A new mini-game: perform all the necessary actions within the time limit.
I like walking around at night...
The standard "choose your answer before the girl smacks you" Sakura Taisen gameplay.
I'd take them all... except Kanna and Iris.
In this cut-scene, Sakura remains naked only for one brief moment. But hey, that's why we capture screenshots!
Nice color. Some of the game's cut-scenes are made with CG.
Viewing your character's combat statistics.
The enemy robots are destroying trams, scaring people away.
Special attacks now feature a real-time 3D animation of the robot.
Planning your next move.
It looks like she just gave flowers to the enemy robot, but actually it inflicts some damage on it.
But... it cannot be! Aoi Satan?! We've defeated you in the previous game!
Specials attacks begin with a short full-screen animation.

Windows version

Title screen
Intro. Sakura Taisen 2 features, as always, theatrical performances...
...characters from the first game... well as interesting new additions...
...and, of course, giant robot battles!
The cool loading screen
The Demon King is one of the game's primary antagonists. "Who is the man behind the mask?" - that is the question that will be answered much, much later...
Lovely view of the river and cherry blossom
Like the previous game, Sakura Taisen 2 is structured like an anime series with "episodes"
The famous Sakura Taisen-style timed responses
Sakura is cherry tree, Sakura is this game, and Sakura is also the name of this girl
Retro 1920-ies environment. Just look at those trams!
Adventure mode navigation. New addition: clock. Now you don't have to worry about the annoying "triggering"
Point-and-click interaction
New addition: this whole task is timed
Lovely save screen
So, how are you doing with the girls?..
Honglan has invented a videophone! :)
As always in Sakura Taisen games, drama is interlaced with comedy
Now THIS is what I call great screenshot-capturing ability! She stays like this only for a fraction of a second! I've got some skills, right? :)
Robot animations are done in pre-rendered CG movie format most of the times
Battle! Enemy robots are vandalizing property. Time to teach them a lesson!..
Battle menu
Special moves feature even cooler animations now