Sally's Spa Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
World map
Laguna beach
Rub to apply mask.
Shopping in between levels.
Buying beauty supplies.
Hot stones
Picking the bath bomb.
Painting fingernails.

iPhone version

Title screen and main menu
How to play
Game options
Global map
The first spa location
Customer profiling
Applying a facial
The interior of the first spa
Checking out a line a customers
Finishing strong
Shopping in between levels
Upgrading the equipment
Sally's friend sells items on consignment through your spa
Hot stone treatment
Opening a spa in the Canadian mountains
Staffing up
Bath bomb treatment
Busy spa
New spa in the big city
Fingernail clipping action
Paint the fingernails
Earning a promotion from your consignment partner after meeting certain goals
Opening the Lutetia Spa