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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall User Score (21 votes) 4.0

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GameBoomers (May, 2007)
In addition to reviewing episodes 5 and 6, I was given the opportunity to investigate the earlier episodes too, and therefore I am happy to say that the quality of the games (technically, graphically, musically, plot-wise and puzzle-wise) seems to be very consistent throughout.

I had a lot of fun with the wit of the eponymous anti-heroes, even unto their own self-parody late in episode 6. So if you haven’t already played any of the episodes, I fully recommend the whole of Sam & Max: Season 1. Of course, if you’ve already seen the earlier episodes, you know perfectly well by now that you’re going to buy the last two episodes, to complete the tale.
UOL Jogos (Apr 27, 2007)
"Sam & Max Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon" vale principalmente pelos diálogos e quebra-cabeças, organizados de forma inteligente e com sentido, algo que será apreciado por aqueles que buscam mais que o humor da dupla - em suma, um autêntico clima de adventure. Talvez não tenha ápices tão brilhantes como o de "Reality 2.0", mas na média é um episódio completo. Que venha a segunda temporada.
GotNext (Apr 28, 2007)
It's been fun meeting up with Sam and Max again, and I no longer lament the loss of their ill-fated full length adventure. The comics and the cartoons were short episodes and it makes no less sense here. Let's face it: Those two never had much of an attention span, anyway. But I've grown used to their company, and it won't be the same without them. At least I can take comfort in the fact that the "Season One" label would seem to indicate they won't be gone for too long.
TTGamer (May 04, 2007)
You've really gotta' give it to Telltale Games - not only did they take on a very tough to reproduce franchise in Sam & Max with success, they also did it while deploying a reasonably ground breaking episodic digital distribution system which ultimately ended up working well. I'm not really sure I would prefer it over a full game release, but at least this way gamers were able to start playing the new Sam & Max games earlier than they would have if Telltale waited until all episodes were done. As for Bright Side of the Moon itself, it caps off what has been a memorable 1st season with the expected level of high quality consistency seen throughout the previous episodes but at the same time it doesn't change anything significantly so it isn't going to change your opinion on the series if you haven't liked it so far. In turn, BSotM is strictly for those who have kept up with the series and nothing more.
GameZone (May 08, 2007)
This is the funniest adventure I’ve played in a long time. It definitely harkens back to the old days of Lucas and Sierra. Many adventure fans seem desperate to praise any adventure game that comes along these days, in the hope that the genre doesn’t die, but I haven’t been one of them. I love good adventure games, but I don’t waste my time with inferior ones. I’m very glad to be able to say that this is a great adventure, and one that everyone should play.
PC Powerplay (May 30, 2007)
Das war sie also, die erste Staffel Sam & Max. Ein weiterer kleiner Schritt für das Adventure-Genre und ein großer Schritt für das Episodenformat, denn Telltale Games hat gezeigt, wie's gemacht wird. In Sachen Umfang bin ich nach wie vor etwas enttäuscht, wie die fünf vorangegangenen Folgen ist mir auch Bright Side of the Moon zu kurz. Kniffligere Rätsel könnten das Problem in der zweiten Staffel lösen. Der Humor der sechsten Episode trifft dafür voll ins Schwarze. Sam und Max sind herrlich bissig und haben endgültig das Frotzel-Niveau von Hit the Road erreicht - und das ist schließlich die Hauptsache. Eine herbe Enttäuschung ist dagegen die fast schon nebensächliche Auflösung der Gehirnwäschen. Da hätten sich die faulen Autoren mehr einfallen lassen müssen.
Armchair Empire, The (May 07, 2007)
The sun has set on the first Sam & Max season with the rising of The Bright Side of the Moon, but this isn’t likely the last adventure for everybody’s favorite Freelance Police. The Bright Side of the Moon has a stellar and hysterical script, which taken in the entirety of the season, simply cannot be topped today. More challenging puzzles than ever and a reappearance of the entire cast that has made Sam & Max’s Season One such an enjoyable adventuring journey more than make up for a slightly disappointing ending. See you on the other side of this moon, Sam & Max, in Season Two.
84 (May 19, 2007)
Obwohl die Luft ein wenig draußen ist, ist auch die sechste und letzte Episode wieder insgesamt ein lohnendes Erlebnis. Auf dem Mond laufen die Freelance-Polizisten noch einmal zur Hochform auf, wenn sie Sektenchef Hugh Bliss im Endkampf das heilsbringerische Handwerk legen müssen. Das Finale bietet eine Suche nach prismatologischen Talismanen, auf der ihr auf mehr als ein bekanntes Gesicht trefft -Seitenhiebe auf irdische Sekten inklusive. Dieses Mal sind es nicht nur Bosco, Sybil und Co., die ihr wiederseht, sondern auch gleich noch die Bösewichte der vorigen Episoden dazu. Die Rätsel sind erneut teils zu simpel geraten, wobei ihr die wenigen Räume mehrmals abklappern müsst, was aber bei den Vorgängern genauso war. Alles erstrahlt im typischen Comiclook der Telltale-Adventures, der durch die bonbonfarbene Einrichtung noch unterstrichen wird. Die Sprachausgabe trägt wieder viel zur Stimmung bei.
Defunct Games (May 30, 2007)
It's hard to say goodbye to Sam & Max for the second time. I remember loving the original game all those years ago and hoping that we'd see them again. Unfortunately it took Telltale Games more than a decade to finally deliver a real follow-up, but now that it's back I don't want to let it go. Hopefully the hiatus between seasons is short, I would hate to have to wait another ten years before somebody decided to reinvent my favorite freelance crime fighters. All in all it's been a great run, and while this ending is not the best game in the series, it's still a fun game that concludes one exciting season. Sam, Max, I'll miss you guys.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 2007)
Bright Side of the Moon is een waardige afsluiter van de charmante Sam & Max-episodes. Op naar seizoen twee!
PC Games (Germany) (May 11, 2007)
Die englischen Synchronsprecher sind abermals erschreckend professionell, wenn sie ihre geschliffenen, von Kennerhand geschriebenen Textzeilen intonieren. Ähnliches gilt für den jazzigen, teils recycelten Soundtrack, der selbst nach einem halben Jahr keinerlei Qualitäten eingebüßt hat. Nur wenige Spiele klingen so gut! Ein Wermutstropfen ist wieder die niedrige Tonqualität, ein Zugeständnis an das kompakte Download-Format. So wurde zugunsten einer geringen Dateigröße gelegentliches Knacken und Rauschen in Kauf genommen, was den ansonsten herausragenden Eindruck von Sound und Musik ein kleines bisschen trübt. Was bleibt, ist der geglückte, teils großartige Abschluss eines Experiments namens Episodenadventure. Ein schönes Finale, das zwar ruhig noch einen Tick bissiger hätte sein dürfen, dafür aber trotzdem noch die meiste Konkurrenz weit hinter sich lässt.
IGN (Apr 26, 2007)
We've been holding off on doing a review of the entire season until the final episode was out. Since we have individual reviews of each installment, it seems redundant to package them together into a single review. Still, for those who just have to have a sense of whether or not we think it's worth getting, the answer is definitely yes. While the score below reflects the quality of this final installment, it's a fairly good indicator of the quality of the season as a whole. The first half definitely takes a while to get going and recycles too much content but, once our pair heads off to Washington in Episode 4, things get a lot better.
GameSpy (Apr 27, 2007)
Episode 6 marks a nice grace note to close out Season One of the new Sam & Max series. What was designed to be an experiment in "episodic gaming" has become a success. While Bright Side of the Moon can be purchased and downloaded for $8.95 (the game is free with a Gametap subscription) for about 4-6 hours of entertainment it's actually rather difficult to recommend the episode as a stand-alone product when the entire six-episode "Season One" package (available for $34.95) is a much better value. Bright Side of the Moon is a fine way to close out this chapter of Sam & Max. Onward to Season Two!
Aventura y Cía (Nov 12, 2007)
La temporada se cierra más que satisfactoriamente con otro título a la altura de los dos anteriores (los dos preferidos por los fans), lo suficientemente largo como para no sentirte timado, pero tan breve como su condición de episodio le obliga a ser.
HonestGamers (May 09, 2007)
Maybe in the need to wrap the series up, Bright Side of the Moon isn’t quite as good as the frankly fantastic Abe Lincoln Must Die or Reality 2.0, but it gives those two superior titles, and indeed, the chapters before it, a place to rest their heads.
GameSpot (Apr 30, 2007)
Regardless of how you take it in, Sam & Max season one has been a successful series up to this point due to its great voice acting, compelling puzzle design, and outstanding sense of humor. Fans of adventure games who may have been wary of the potential pitfalls of episodic releases or the fairly annoying GameTap-first release schedule of the episodes should check this series out, especially now that you know that, yes, this is a complete story once you get to the end of this episode.
1UP (May 16, 2007)
When all's said and done, Episode 6 (like its predecessors) doesn't stretch much past the two-hour mark, but it's all just as well, since the assorted puzzles never get tough enough to become frustrating, nor easy enough to insult you. Telltale's all but inherited Sierra and LucasArts' adventure game crown with this well-crafted series, and if you're still holding out, now's the perfect time to play all six episodes back-to-back -- like Lost or Heroes, Sam & Max: Season 1 is best enjoyed in a marathon sitting.
Overall, despite some unevenness between episodes, the humorous dialogues and crazy actions have made it a worthy successor to this enduring franchise. Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon brings a complete closure and a satisfactory conclusion to the season, clearing the way for the return of our favorite dynamic duo, which I am sure they will sometime soon.
Adventure Gamers (May 11, 2007)
You can find faults without too much effort, but I can still say the same thing about this one I said about the first: it's a blast of pure fun, and provides the proper conclusion to a truly enjoyable series of adventures.
ActionTrip (Apr 26, 2007)
Still, good humor and decent artwork are in short supply these days. Even with the mentioned drawbacks, Sam & Max Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon carries the familiar spirit of our two heroes, which was successfully conveyed throughout the whole series. Character witticisms and conversing with NPCs is the main attraction here and it's probably the only reason why I feel this game should be worth anybody's time.
Playfuls (May 10, 2007)
Leaving my jokes aside, Bright Side of the Moon represents a new incursion in the Sam & Max universe "we all" know (some of us only since the time Telltale Games sat at the worktable. Steve Purcell, forgive us!). The cramped camera, which risks bothering when passing from one slide to another (it's just like we would have one hand tied up from the back of the chair), cannot evolve into an impediment right now.
GameStar (Germany) (May 30, 2007)
Von Sam und Maxens Mondfahrt kehre ich mit gemischten Gefühlen heim. Klar, auch das Abschlusskapitel des Detektivabenteuers sprüht vor geschliffenem Wortwitz, vor zielsicheren Seitenhieben. Zugleich beschleicht mich aber das flaue Gefühl, dass mehr drin gewesen wäre - nicht nur beim Rätseldesign, sondern auch bei der Story. Nichtsdestotrotz ist Bright Side of the Moon ein würdiger Abschluss für den Krimi-Comic: Das tierische Ermittlerduo reizt mein Zwerchfell so zuverlässig, dass ich flaue Gefühle ratzfatz vergesse.
76 (May 23, 2007)
This episode is still short, so for those of you who prefer a more involved game, you should try another game but for those of you who like a game that will mean spending an enjoyable several hours being very amused and entertained then try this latest, but hopefully not the last, episode in the Sam and Max series.
74 PC Gaming (Apr 02, 2008)
While Bright Side of the Moon may have failed to achieve the same level of quality and diversity of gameplay that Reality 2.0 offered, it was still a fun title and a worthy enough ending to the first season. I remain hopeful that the series will continue to evolve in the coming second season.
Hoe we er ook naar kijken, het eerste seizoen van Sam & Max is een grootse game dankzij de fantastische stemmen, de leuke puzzels en de goede grappen. Wie zich wat bedeesd opstelt ten opzicht van episodische games kunnen we in elk geval gerust stellen; dit is een goed spel, met een begin en een einde en compleet z'n euro's waard.
72 (May 24, 2007)
Ein krönender Abschluss ist die sechste Episode der ersten Sam & Max 2 Staffel zwar nicht geworden – für mich die schwächste Folge der Season -, doch auch beim Mondausflug der Freelance Police bleibt kein Auge trocken. Der Humor stimmt wie in allen Folgen und die Rätsel sind schön abgedreht, vielleicht sogar schon etwas zu verrückt, die Anspielungen in den vorherigen Episoden haben jedenfalls deutlich besser gezündet. Die nebenstehende Wertung bezieht sich daher nur auf die hier getestete 6. Folge von Sam & Max 2, die komplette Season würde sich bei einer niedriger 80er Wertung einpendeln, aber hier folgt nochmals ein abschließender Test, sobald uns die deutsche Version des Spieles im Sommer vorliegt. Wer des englischen mächtig ist, kann aber schon jetzt zuschlagen, auch wenn die Reise zum Mond nicht die Qualität der Vorgänger erreicht wird man 3-4 Stunden gut unterhalten.
Adventure Advocate (May 19, 2007)
Συνεπές προς τα δύο πρόσφατα κεφάλαια της σεζόν, το Bright Side of the Moon παροτρύνει την επιστράτευση ορισμένων πιο περίπλοκων ατραπών σκέψης προκειμένου να προχωρήσει το παιχνίδι, χωρίς αυτό να σημαίνει ότι απουσιάζει η γνωστή γενναιοδωρία που διακατέχει συνολικά τη σειρά στον τομέα των γρίφων. Παρόλα αυτά, δύο – τρεις απρόσμενες καταστάσεις όπου η απαιτούμενη ενέργεια –παρότι λογική μέσα στα σουρεαλιστικά πλαίσια του παιχνιδιού- αργεί να κάνει την εμφάνισή της στο μυαλό του παίκτη, μπορεί να οδηγήσουν σε αμηχανία και άσκοπες περιπλανήσεις, οι οποίες αυξάνουν ελαφρώς και την αντοχή του Episode 6 στο χρόνο. Πάντως, τιμητικό για την ομάδα της Telltale παραμένει το γεγονός ότι τα puzzles διατηρούν τη σπιρτάδα και την πειστική τους αλληλεξάρτηση με τα τεκταινόμενα, στοιχείο που αντιμετωπίζεται συχνά ως πολυτέλεια στους χαλεπούς καιρούς τους οποίους διανύουμε.
70 (UK) (May 08, 2007)
In terms of gameplay, that's easy: Telltale's simple, refined interface is a vast improvement on the horrendous icon system LucasArts employed, but you can't help but feel that Telltale needed to be a little more ambitious with the gameplay mechanics in Sam & Max than it was this time. It's one thing staying true to the beloved gameplay that we all still cherish, but that heady whiff of nostalgia only gets you so far - especially when the limiting episodic structure itself makes the actual puzzle solving such a horribly basic part of the game. Let's face it - things have moved on, and it's a massive contradiction to be talking about a forward thinking, digitally delivered, episodic game that's held back by its reverence to the past. But there you are.
Gamekult (May 18, 2007)
Continuant à exploiter la veine loufoque des deux précédents volets, Bright side of the moon est donc une conclusion honorable à cette première saison, même si la fin n'est pas l'explosion délirante espérée, et que l'intrigue globale, dont on connaît désormais tous les tenants et aboutissants, n'apparaît pas toujours très cohérente. On retrouve également certains défauts classiques, comme les allers-retours répétés et un peu pénibles entre les différents lieux. En tout cas, Telltale Games a prouvé que le format épisodique pouvait fonctionner pour le jeu d'aventure pour peu qu'on y mette un peu de talent, et c'est déjà beaucoup.
FZ (May 10, 2007)
Men men, jag ska inte klaga så mycket. Även denna del i serien är mycket underhållande och ger en del förklaringar till ett och annat i de andra episoderna. Grafiken är så klart likadan och musiken håller sig även här mycket till jazz och liknande. Inte så mycket nytt på dessa fronter med andra ord. Å andra sidan är det inte så konstigt heller. Förhoppningsvis kan man kanske få sig några små uppgraderingar i en eventuell andra säsong, något Telltale ännu inte bekräftat.