Sam & Max: Season One Screenshots

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Windows version

Max suggests you finish the game first.
Main DVD menu
Cutscenes menu
Shorts menu (first page)
A frank discussion about hotdogs
The clip for the Independent Game Festival
Max is beta testing his IGF entry, release... candidate!
Wargames gone wrong.
Trailers menu
Concept art title screen
Sam (concept art)
Max (concept art)
Concept art from the first episode
The theatre (concept art)
Sybil's store (concept art)
Mona (concept art)
The digital reality environment with notes (concept art)
Sam & Max under the spell of Huge Bliss (concept art)
Lincoln is going to the moon.
The entire cast
Bloopers: a microphone comes in view.
Bloopers: Sam gives Max the finger for laughing at him messing up his lines.
Practising in front of a green screen
Phony Bone? Wrong game!