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Xbox 360Official XBox Magazine (Oct 14, 2009)
An overarching story broken up into five hilarious adventures, Beyond Time and Space is an incredible value. Sharp, witty dialogue and creative puzzles make this laugh-out-loud package a true delight. Even the weakest episode of the bunch — Moia Better Blues — suffers only when compared to the others, and the best — Night of the Raving Dead — is the perfect mixture of wacky humor and sleuthing. With over 20 hours of playtime, inspired voice-acting, and cartoon-quality visuals, this is one Arcade game that truly goes a step beyond.
WindowsgameZine (UK) (Apr 14, 2008)
Season Two is as much a success as the first was, full of excellent satire, brilliantly-knowing swipes at the adventure genre and a host of other topics. Great characters, jokes (most of the time), locations and a suitably challenging (yet never impossible) level of difficulty all combine to make this series the champion of modern adventure gaming. Sam and Max: Season Two is the perfect way to relax and have a good chuckle while playing games. Telltale deserve your support.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Aug 07, 2008)
Sam & Max Season Two is the perfect Sam & Max compilation that provides a fantastic PC gaming experience to those that haven’t gone on a Sam & Max adventure while giving a plethora of goodies for those that already have played each and every episode of the just-completed season.
Xbox 360Gamervision (Oct 26, 2009)
Despite having one less episode than the previous season, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space seemed to improve upon Save the World in almost every aspect. The storytelling in the game is top notch, and Telltale has really delivered a unique gaming experience with their episodic model. The most disappointing thing about the game is the fact that it had to end, with the next season nowhere in sight. It took almost two years for Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space to make the jump from PCs to a console, but it was worth the wait.
WindowsAdventurearchiv (Jun 03, 2010)
Sam & Max Season Two ist erneut ein Erfolg auf ganzer Linie. Etwas mehr Abwechslung bei den Locations und weniger Minispiele würden den Gesamteindruck noch verbessern. Jede Episode ist in spätestens 3 bis 4 Stunden durchgespielt, so dass mit einer Gesamtspielzeit von um die 15 bis 20 Stunden gerechnet werden kann. Der absolut kultige Humor des Originals von LucasArts wurde toll fortgesetzt. Das Spiel ist allerdings, wie ich finde, aufgrund der abgefahrenen Rätsel nicht unbedingt für Genreeinsteiger zu empfehlen. Humormäßig, optisch, akustisch und auch rätseltechnisch wird allerdings jeder auf seine Kosten kommen!
Xbox (Oct 27, 2009)
Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space is a great retooling of the original point and click adventures, offering the same fun storylines and difficult puzzles with current generation graphics and sound.
Xbox 360NZGamer (Dec 03, 2009)
Sam & Max represents fantastic value. The only people that wouldn't appreciate this download are either people with no sense of humour or who can't appreciate a less action-orientated title. If you haven't played a previous game, don't worry, there is the odd reference to past adventures, but you don't need to understand these to enjoy the game. The game's only possible weakness is that it is a lot like previous Sam & Max games, which haven't changed since 1992.
WindowsGameSpot (Aug 18, 2008)
The only disappointment in Sam & Max Season Two is that it ends too soon and leaves you wanting more. Each episode can be played through in just a couple of hours, although you would be best advised to drag out the experience and check out everything you can click on for the extra laughs. This series is a great example of how much creativity, intelligence, and humor can still be poured into this classic genre. So, bring on season three.
WindowsGame Captain (Apr 11, 2008)
Auch die zweite Staffel von Sam & Max ist ein Garant für völlig abgefahrenen Humor, aberwitzige Storys und erfrischend innovative Rätsel. Dafür gibt’s unseren Award. Allerdings muss man den Entwicklern ankreiden, dass einfach zu viel recycelt und selbst Ortschaften aus Season One wiederverwertet wurden. Ausserdem setzt langsam aber sicher die Grafik-Engine Staub an, so dass da unbedingt ebenfalls was Neues kommen muss. Diese Mankos führen im direkten Vergleich zur ersten Staffel zu einer Abwertung. Nichtsdestotrotz sind die Abenteuer der Freelance Police in Sachen Humor einsame Spitze und von diesem Thron wird sie vermutlich wohl in nächster Zeit keiner stoßen. Wer des Englischen mächtig, sollte jetzt auf jeden Fall zugreifen, denn für rund 22 € sind die Abenteuer ein echtes Schnäppchen.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (May 20, 2008)
Viele Spiele versprechen tollen Humor. In Wahrheit sitzt man dann aber doch nur halb amüsiert, halb gelangweilt vor dem Monitor, nimmt die bemühten Witzchen zur Kenntnis und fragt sich, wann es denn endlich mal lustig wird. Und dann gibt es da noch Sam & Max Season Two: Endlich mal wieder ein Spiel, bei dem man häufi g so lachen muss, dass man seine Mitmenschen direkt neidisch macht. Vorausgesetzt, Sie haben kein Problem mit der englischen Sprache: Die Dialoge in Sam & Max sind nichts für Grundschüler, was aber auch zu ihren Inhalten passt – die zweite Staffel ist noch einen Tick gemeiner als die erste. Wie schön, dass Umfang und Rätselqualität ebenso hinzugewonnen haben und der Sound so herausragend klingt wie eh und je. Von nun an ist wieder mal Geduld gefragt – bis hoffentlich eine dritte Staffel kommt!
Xbox 360Console Monster (Oct 27, 2009)
As concluded with the first instalment, and now to be concluded again for the second, Sam & Max is a welcome addition to the sparse genre that certainly deserves of a return. Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space takes the right steps to improve upon the original, whilst still keeping everything that worked the first time around intact. I hope that Telltale are doing well from the series on consoles, and can only hope that they continue to bring the once PC only series to XBLA. Max, You crack me up little buddy.
WindowsIGN (Aug 06, 2008)
Setting aside the issue of humor and character, the Sam & Max series is still married to the standard adventure game format. Players will enter a scene, look for items to use, use those items and then progress to the next scene. There's a fine line between paying homage to tradition and just going through the motions and, perhaps because of their focus on humor and story-telling, the developers here seem to be relying on a less inspired sort of puzzle design. Things definitely got better by the end of this season, and we hope that trend continues into the next batch of episodes. If you haven't played the Sam & Max games yet, Season Two is a great place to start, and the new DVD is priced to move.
Kicking off with a visit to the chilly, diabolical workshop of a crazed machine gun-toting Santa Claus and winding down with a confrontation with Satan in a sweltering cubicle farm in the depths of hell, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space ratchets up the zaniness from season one in almost every way.
While Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space might not reach the lofty heights that Sam & Max Hit the Road achieved, Telltale is turning this franchise into a character of their own design, and their confidence seems to grow with each new installment. Much as I find myself hooked on serialized television such as “Lost,” I now eagerly await each new installment of the Sam and Max series, and with Season 3 hitting right now, newcomers to the franchise have a wealth of riches to discover. Here’s hoping this series earns continued renewal.
WindowsA Hardy Developer's Journal (Oct 10, 2009)
My advice: Grab it if you haven’t already. Unlock the secrets of the universe, travel across the centuries, battle with Euro-camp vampires and stage a corporate takeover of Hell. Go ahead! It’s fun, believe me!
Xbox 360ZTGameDomain (2009)
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space is yet another step forward in the resurrection of the adventure genre. Xbox Live owners should be reveling in the fact that they get to experience these great collections for a fraction of the original cost. If you grew up enjoying these types of games on PC or are just tired of the same old shooters and sports games flooding the market I suggest giving these titles a whirl. Available in small doses on PC and one complete package at a steal of a price on XBLA, there is little to lose by checking out this genuinely funny and hugely entertaining experience.
Xbox 360PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Oct 22, 2009)
Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is a hilarious collection of episodic adventure games, that outshines the previous season in variety, gameplay and plot. Visual and control issues in this 360 port are the only things that disappoint.
Xbox 360DarkZero (Oct 31, 2009)
If you like your point and click adventures there really is only one reason why you shouldn’t buy this, and that is if you already bought it on PC. Otherwise this is a great addition to Xbox Live Arcade’s selection of point and click adventures. You won’t find many games funnier than this.
Xbox 360Vandal Online (Nov 01, 2009)
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space es uno de los mejores y escasos títulos del género para Xbox 360. Pese a los fallos que Telltale Games no ha sabido pulir en esta adaptación de los cinco episodios ya aparecidos en ordenador, el hilarante dúo de policías hará disfrutar y reír a aquellos jugadores que le den la oportunidad y paguen el justificado precio de 1.600 Microsoft Points –recordemos que se vende en la plataforma digital Xbox Live Arcade-, pues el entretenimiento y el humor ácido está asegurado, así como las inverosímiles situaciones en las que nos veremos inmersos. Los poseedores de la consola de Microsoft ya pueden sonreír, pues Sam y Max han vuelto a su consola, y lo que es mejor, el género por fin ha resucitado.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Nov 14, 2009)
”Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space” hits the XBLA marketplace with another 1600-point ($20) price tag. I’ll contend, despite the mid-level graphics and simplistic gameplay, it’s worth the price, although as before 1200-points would probably be a better price point. I clocked about 10 hours or so completing all five episodes, but aside from a few hair pulling puzzles, I had a blast and walked away every time with a smile on my face. If you enjoyed Sam and Max’s first XBLA outing, this release is a no-brainer. If you haven’t entered their world yet, start with “Save the World.” Highly Recommended.
WindowsCommon Sense Media (Aug 26, 2008)
This game, which features mild violence and even milder sexual innuendo (in a mariachi band parody about virgins, for example), isn't for small kids by any means. And both freelance police characters tote guns (heck, even Santa has a gun!). Yet kids 13 and over who are Web and pop culture savvy will come to love it -- especially if they have a sense of humor. What makes Season Two so good is that it features Pixar quality characters and environments, a valuable hint system, and a difficulty adjustment function to help you solve the tougher problems more easily.
Xbox 360Gamer 2.0 (Nov 26, 2009)
Though the first season started off slowly before kicking into gear in the last two episodes, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space continues at that high quality peak and keeps it going throughout all five of its episodes. While it may have one less episode, there is easily more quality here packed into its five episodes to make the two or three hours that each episode lasts a more worthy purchase than the first season. Though there are control issues that make it a more clunky experience than we’d like, the quality of the story and jokes is enough to make it worth enduring those issues. You don’t really need to play the first season to really get what’s going on here, so if you’re just looking to spend your 1600 points ($20 US) on the best Sam & Max experience, Beyond Time and Space will probably be the better season for you to purchase.
Xbox 360That Gaming Site (Nov 03, 2009)
Fans of point and click adventures should check this game out, those new to the genre should try the demo.
78 (Jun 07, 2008)
I seem to have moaned my way through this review and yet I really did enjoy this second series of Sam and Max. My criticisms are largely based on wishing the leading light of the adventure game genre would take some risks now it's firmly re-established and try to push some boundaries rather than rely on the same gameplay conventions we've been fighting with for the past decade and a half plus. Having said that, Sam and Max remains one of the finest examples of that aged gameplay around and you'd be missing out if you didn't give it a try for yourself, just don't expect anything new.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (May 10, 2010)
Auch wenn wir von Telltale-Adventures wohl keine knackig-fordernden Rätsel mehr erwarten dürfen und deren Schauplatz- und Gag-Recycling die Schmerzgrenze erreicht hat, kriegt auch die zweite Staffel von Sam & Max unsere Empfehlung. Anbei noch zwei weitere Empfehlungen: Spielen Sie unbedingt die (leicht bessere) erste Staffel zuerst und greifen Sie bei entsprechenden (also guten) Englischkenntnissen lieber zur witzigeren und besser vertonten Originalversion.
Xbox (Oct 29, 2009)
With its second season, its safe to say that Sam and Max has found its groove in this current generation of gaming, delivering a refreshing change of pace from the standard gameplay types that some gamers, including myself, can get tired of every once in a while. Jarring a few technical hitches, the 360 port plays well and definitely opens up the series to more potential fans that could be looking for something different. At the price at 1600 points, it may come off as steep compared to other XBLA games, but is actually quite a deal in comparison to its original price. It’s good to see some old faces come back in new format, which ultimately works out best for the genre. With that said, I’m looking forward to see what else the Freelance Police will end up destroying next.
Xbox 360Gamer Limit (Oct 22, 2009)
While the gameplay is basic, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space is a witty, and entertaining ride. However, if adventure games aren't your cup of tea, then this title isn't really for you.
Xbox 360GamingXP (Nov 11, 2009)
„Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space“ ist ein richtig gutes Arcade-Game mit ein par kleinen Fehlern. Zum Preis von 1600 Microsoft Points (17 Euro) erhalten Sie ganze fünf witzige und spannende Geschichten rund um „Sam & Max“. Fans der Serie können blind zuschlagen, auch Spieler die gerne Point&Click-Adventures spielen machen hier nichts falsch. Nur so nebenbei: Sie müssen Season One nicht gespielt haben, um die Story in Season Two zu verstehen.
Xbox 360GameFocus (Nov 03, 2009)
Don’t let the basic gameplay fool you, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space is a challenging, fun and surprisingly funny romp through a genre that hasn’t gotten much love in recent years. Proof positive that a game can entertain without having to resort to flashy animations and complex control schemes.
70 (UK) (Apr 23, 2008)
Is such a thing possible in the bite-sized chunks of an episodic game? Probably not, and my out-loud ruminations shouldn't detract from the fact that Sam & Max Season 2 still offers a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, provided you value jokes over puzzles. I love these characters, and I love Telltale's ambition for finding new ways to deliver classic gameplay. One day, the point-and-click genre will find a way to embrace the future while holding on to the heritage of the past, and I honestly hope that Sam & Max Season 3 will be one of the first steps along that road.
WiiVandal Online (May 04, 2010)
Esperamos que para la recopilación de la tercera temporada de los episodios de Sam & Max en castellano no tengamos que esperar otros dos años y pueda aparecer también en PC, ya que los amantes de las aventuras tenemos derecho a poder disfrutar en condiciones de estas grandes obras creadas por Telltale, aunque para que eso ocurra antes tendrá que aparecer en castellano el genial Tales of Monkey Island del que aún no tenemos noticias. Pese a sus deficiencias técnicas esto no quita que se trate de una genial aventura gráfica, muy divertida y con muchas horas de juego, que junto a la primera temporada y un par de juegos más se trata del mejor exponente del género en Wii. A pesar de no ser la mejor manera de disfrutar de estos cinco episodios para un amante de las aventuras es todo un imprescindible que no debe dejar pasar por alto.
WindowsAdventurespiele (May 24, 2010)
Die Story ist wieder einmal vollkommen verrückt und zugleich spannend. Leider gibt es zu viele Situationen, die zu abgedreht sind und dadurch ihren Humor verlieren. Herzhaft lachen, wie in Season one, konnte ich nur an wenigen Stellen. De neue Synchronstimme von Max hat mir auch nicht gefallen, denn ihr fehlt es an Spritzigkeit. Dafür bietet Telltale Games wieder eine tolle Grafik mit unzähligen abwechslungsreichen Schauplätzen und tollen Soundeffekten. Der Spieler muss um mehr als eine Ecke denken, um dem tierischen Duo zu helfen. Auch wenn mir persönlich Season one besser gefallen hat, so ist "Sam & Max - All-Zeit bereit" immer noch ein kultiges Adventure, das man gespielt haben muss!
Xbox 360MS Xbox World (Sep 26, 2009)
Sam & Max: Beyond Time in Space is a solid, fun adventure game that fans of the series can easily get into. While casual players may be better off skipping the title, those looking to experience an adventure game for the first time would be hard pressed to find a better one for the length and price.
Xbox 360IGN (Oct 15, 2009)
The individual episodes are funny, challenging and ultimately rewarding for adventure fans, so it's nice to see them presented in one reasonably priced package on the Xbox. The humor and story elements are stronger in this season than in the previous one, but they've already been eclipsed by the work that Telltale has done in subsequent series like Wallace and Gromit and Tales of Monkey Island. Still, this particular season manages to blend alien abduction, a gun-toting Santa, an undead rave and a trip to the depressing bureaucracy of Hell.
WiiMeristation (Apr 28, 2010)
Aun así, esta segunda temporada es la prueba palpable que nos permite ver la excelente trayectoria alcanzada por TellTales y quizás el listón a superar por sus futuras aventuras, la presente Tales of Monkey Island incluida. Una aventura recomendadísima para todos los seguidores del género en su versión de PC, que lamentable ha sido cancelada en nuestro idioma. Lo recomendable: echar mano de la importación, ahorrarse unos euros y disfrutar en PC con subtitulos al castellano.
60 (May 19, 2010)
There isn’t really much more to say. If you enjoyed Season One then Season Two seems like an obvious purchase, and it carries the same bargain price right out of the gate. If you’re not a fan then the new stuff probably won’t win you over. The only real question is complete newcomers; given the amount of in-jokes and references (including outright spoilers) to the first season I don’t recommend starting with Season Two. Do the legwork to track down the first season and give that a try first, then come back for this one when you’re done.
45 (May 06, 2010)
Cette seconde saison de Sam & Max a, à l'origine sur PC, tout pour plaire. Son humour, sa qualité d'écriture, son scénario et citons une seconde fois son humour (et même une troisième). Mais cette version Wii est bien trop lamentablement réalisée pour que l'on puisse se montrer magnanime. Difficile de prendre du plaisir face à jeu qui s'affiche en diaporama et dans lequel même le curseur tressaute. Quand on sait qu'un PC de bureautique peut le faire tourner et qu'il est vendu pour moins de 30 euros sur ce support, pas besoin de réfléchir bien longtemps.
Xbox 360Gaming Age (Oct 23, 2009)
While this game has several spots that would appeal to the masses, most of it would not. That is why I am only suggesting this game for the fans of the series and those who really like detective type games.