Samurai Shodown: Anthology

Samurai Shodown: Anthology Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
For some reason, however, Samurai Shodown V Special is -not- in this collection....
Practice mode has some very basic options available.
Color editing is available for every character in the first five games.
Also of note: Pretty maid / swan girls! (Samurai Shodown VI)
And here's some secret characters, available from the start. (Samurai Shodown VI)

Samurai Shodown: Anthology Screenshots

Wii version

Intro cutscene.
Main game select screen.
You can edit the colors of each character.
Some side minigames.
Game select screen.
Samurai Showdown 1
All Showdown games zoom out as characters move apart.
Samurai Showdown 2
Samurai Showdown 3
Samurai Showdown 4
Samurai Showdown 5
Samurai Showdown 6