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Arcade version

Title screen
Before fight
Earthquake uses kusarigama
Some blood
Nice slash
Angry attack
Nakorur special move
After fight
French speak
Blood slash
Fight lost
Gen-an is ugly.
I can't see anything
Gen-an special attack
Fight in air
Ok, pretty blood game
Flame attack
Second player joins to game
Wan-Fu vs Tam-Tam
Player select
Oh my God! You killed Nakoruru
Nakoruru is slashing Galford, what's wrong?

FM Towns version

Title screen
Character selection
A battle between Gen-An and Earthquake, the more colorful characters of the game
Okay, I am a freak with a tiny head and a corresponding brain. But I still won!
Get up and fight!
Lovely room - perfect for a ninja encounter!
Hey gaijin, you ain't welcome here!
Quickly press a key!
Wan Fu won. Go, China!
Stage clear time
Wan Fu doesn't even need his sword anymore. Kyoshiro is finished
What's the mater, ma'am? Have I treated you badly?
Nakoruru's winning picture
Uh-oh, the barrels are open, and we are both on the ground
Nakoruru is hurt in a tough battle with a beautiful view

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Title Screen (Japanese)
Character select screen
Charlotte feels the power of Haohmaru's sword!
Victory screen showing the winner, Charlotte.
Ukyo and his fast-action move.
Jubei execute your fast-sword move trying avoid a possible Gen-An's counter-attack.
Tam–Tam's skull goes in direction of a fainted Galford... ;-)
Each character has a small story exhibited before the adventure starts.
The environment: a peaceful bamboo forest... Peaceful? With a fight in course?!?
Kyoshiro slashes a fainted Haohmaru! A great chance like this is rare...
Intro frame – Haohmaru is cutting some lanterns as part of its hard training.
Successfully, Nakoruru uses her Lela Mutsube on Wan-Fu.

Game Gear version

Intro cutscene.
Title screen.
Options screen.
Fighter selection.
Let's see!
En Garde!
Haohmaru performing a special attack.
Oh my, I'm so perfect!
Afraid of that? hahaha
Not this time, pal.
Try harder...
Japanese Intro cutscene.
Japanese Title Screen.
Japanese fighter selection.

Genesis version

Title Screen
Ukyo's Special Attack
Pre-Battle Taunting
Bloody Slice
Haohmaru Defends an Attack
Hanzo vs Charlotte
Hanzo vs Nakoruru
Wan-Fu vs Galford
Clone battle
Clone battle 2
Go to San Francisco
It hurts...

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
The "microscopical" menu screen. You can only change the difficulty level...
The basic commands are exhibited in this tutorial. But you watch if wants!
Select your swordsman!
A multitude in the wharf is formed to watch the fight. And Haohmaru wins!
Galford obtains success defending this attack. Somebody wants apple?
Feel the power of Haohmaru's sword, guy!
VS screen.
Is it perforation time?
One move like this must ache sufficiently!
In the center you can see Kuroko, the judge. Those 2 flags that he hold is not mere accessories...
Charlotte throws Nakoruru with style.
The more training, more skill!
Score screen.
If you are not fighting, watch the demonstration...
Pressing the A button quickly, Jubei will make fast hits with the sword.
After this blow, I think that she needs visit the plastic surgeon!
Jubei's move is not connected this time. Sorry!
Pull out blood of the challenger is the maximum prize!
When this happens, press the A button quickly. Depending of how much you press, you and the opponent (or the two simultaneously) will leave to fall the weapons.
Kyoshiro feels the power of Wan-Fu's "little" sword...
It is rare to find ninjas that throw electric spears.
A respectful fulfillment before the combat.
The honor blow. The time is almost finishing...
Charlotte uses a fast attack. But where is Nakoruru?
Some Kurokos are evaluating your performance in the Bonus Stage.
This is Amakusa Shiro Tokisada, the last boss. Defeat this terrible creature and save the day!
The energies of both fighters are very low. Can you win this combat?
It's the end for Amakusa. Congratulations!
Ukyo is being chased by the ladies after an intense victory

Neo Geo Pocket version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese).
Options set.
Character selection.
Selecting a grade level.
Pre-bout dialogue.

SEGA CD version

Gen-An vs Wan-Fu Battle Map
Wan-Fu kicking Gen-An ass
Wan-Fu winning screen
Wan-Fun continue screen
Intro screen 1
Intro screen 2
Intro screen 3
Intro screen 4
Demo Battle Haomaru vs Ukyo
Hiscore screen
Matchup screen
Kyoshiro vs Gen-An taunt screen
Gen-An vs Kyoshiro Battle Map
En Garde Wan Fu vs Kyoshiro
Gen-An vs Kyoshiro gameplay
Gen-An win screen
Wan-Fu vs Gen-An taunt screen

SNES version

Title Screen
Gen-An Attacks!
Haohmaru Unleashes a Tornado!
Haohmaru versus Gen-An
Gen-An's Poison Cloud
Ukyo "sharpens" his sword in Kyoshiro!

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