San Francisco Rush 2049 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Splash screen
Main menu
Car selection
Each level has 8 gold and 8 silver coins. In general, some of these are just hard to find,
...while others require a bit of work to actually acquire
Yes, you can drive on water
There are various buttons around the levels; they trigger hidden paths and other goodies
The second track, Haight
Watch for speed strips
You even get a pair of wings to help control your descent
Practice mode
Single race pits you against 5 AI cars
Stunt mode

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Track select
Car select
Practice mode
1-player in Single Race mode
Ghost Race mode
Losing control
That was a big jump
Circuit mode
Performing stunts
Or die trying
2-player in Single Race
Foggy weather condition
3-player on Battle mode
4-player on Stunt mode