Sandwarriors Credits (DOS)

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Sandwarriors Credits


Game DesignAstros Productions Ltd, Paul Green, Pat Phelan, Stephen Banks
ProducersStephen Banks, Paul Green
DevelopmentAstros Productions ltd
3D EnginePeter Karboulonis, George Karboulonis
Game ProgrammingGeorge Karboulonis
Utilities, EditorsPeter Karboulonis
Support ProgrammersKevin Dudley, Graham Stone
Game Gfx & Map DesignCarl Adesile
Animation & Model DesignNick Page
ScriptPaul Green
Sound Fx & ProcessingRob Millington, Darren Lambourne
Video ProductionStephen Banks
MusicianChris Adams
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan
LocalisationSarah Bennett
ManualSarah Anne Nicholson, Jon Pearson, Malchick Nostra
PackagingSarah Anne Nicholson, Martin Calpin
QA ManagerCarl Cavers
Test SupervisorJonathan Watson
Lead TesterNicola Grice
TestersNeil Wilson, Matt Tuckett, Chloe Barber, Richard Cartwright, Andrew Lee
Technical SupportNick Oxley, Ed Chapman


Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducersKihan Pak, Mark Teal, Fred Corchero Jr.
Director of QAChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
QA TechsAaron Meyers
Lead TestersRene Hakiki, Steve Baldoni, Anthony Taylor
TestersBill Field, Christian D. Peak, Joshua Walters
Customer Service ManagerHilleri Abel
Customer ServiceKori Rosencranz, Erin Smith, Becky Bryan, Yasmin Vazquez
Marketing ManagerJames Veevaert
Assoc. Product ManagerBill Hamelin
Technical SupportHilleri Abel, Matthew Byrne, Mark Linn, Rafael López, Rick Sanford, Paul Dew, Alton Tuttle, Rusty Treadway, Brian Quilter, Brennan Easlick, Tom Gardner, Gunnar Christensen, Jennifer Purcaro

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jack Lightbeard (2707) and WildKard (12984)