Sapiens Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Talking with a tribemate

Atari ST version

Just starting
Information about the game
Meeting Hognor, the tribe's leader
Fighting like a proper cavewoman
Hunting a bird
Making an axe out of a flintstone
Attacked by a wolf!

DOS version

Just starting...
A Piece of Flint.

Thomson TO version

100,000 years ago, the sun is rising...
The tribe is hungry, I'm requested to bring some food back.
And off I go!
Rabbit meat will do the trick, but hunting takes some skills.
Trading with the locals.
Attacked by a wolf!
Injured but with a nice stack of fresh wolf meat.
It's getting dark, time to get closer to a campfire.
The plain at night. Scary place.
Trying to make a stone axe. I might need to train a bit more.

Windows version

Torgan meeting Hognor, the venerable tribe leader.
Torgan socializing with his tribemates.
The map is useful not to get totally lost.
Walking through the the village.