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Sapiens Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Talking with a tribemate

Sapiens Screenshots

Atari ST version

Just starting
Information about the game
Meeting Hognor, the tribe's leader
Fighting like a proper cavewoman
Hunting a bird
Making an axe out of a flintstone
Attacked by a wolf!

Sapiens Screenshots

DOS version

Just starting...

Sapiens Screenshots

Thomson TO version

100,000 years ago, the sun is rising...
The tribe is hungry, I'm requested to bring some food back.
And off I go!
Rabbit meat will do the trick, but hunting takes some skills.
Trading with the locals.
Attacked by a wolf!
Injured but with a nice stack of fresh wolf meat.
It's getting dark, time to get closer to a campfire.
The plain at night. Scary place.
Trying to make a stone axe. I might need to train a bit more.

Sapiens Screenshots

Windows version

Torgan meeting Hognor, the venerable tribe leader.
Torgan socializing with his tribemates.
The map is useful not to get totally lost.
Walking through the the village.