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    If they're such chess masters, why did we beat them 15 straight?

    In head to head competition, Sargon V beat Chessmaster 3000 fifteen out of fifteen games.
    (Picture Caption: Played on 286 and 386 PC's at our testing facilities.)

    Anyone who tells you that their chess game can master Sargon V ought to have their rooks realigned. Because we actually pitted Sargon V against Chessmaster 3000. And in 15 games, Chessmaster threw in the towel every time.

    Real Chess Masters Use Sargon V

    The best chess players insist on playing with Sargon V. Take the Raging Rooks, for example.
    The only thing tougher than these New Yorkers is their chess game. They're champions, thanks to their skill, intelligence and rigorous regimented routine of Sargon V.
    (Picture Caption: A portion of each sale goes to The Raging Rooks, Chess Champions who train with Sargon V.)
    We're so proud of these kids that we actually donate a part of every Sargon V sale to help them get to the national chess championship.
    (Picture Caption: Sargon V 2D Screen.)
    Of course, it's not just pride that makes Sargon V a better chess game. There are tons of technical advances, too.
    Sargon V is faster. With better sound and brilliant screens that display in either two or three dimensions. And brand new challenges that result from entirely new chess algorithms. (Picture Caption: Sargon V 3D Screen.)

    Real Chess Masters Don't Lose

    Look, chess is about thinking smart and winning smart. So the next time someone tells you their game can master yours, throw down the gauntlet and dare them to try Sargon V.
    We'd say the odds of proving your point were, oh, about 15 to 1 in your favor.

    Macintosh version Coming Soon!

    Sargon V: World Class Chess


    The Chessmaster 3000 (c) The Software Toolworks, Inc.

    For MS-DOS. Visit your local retailer or call 1-800-477-3650 or 310-207-4500 to order.

    VideoGame & Computer Entertainment Volume IV, Issue 8, August 1992

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    PLAY WITH THE MASTERS Challenge your skills against an opponent who knows the classic moves from games as recent as Karpov-Kasparov 1990 - thanks to International Chess Master Dr. Danny Kopec. Develop a winning strategy playing Annotated Games, in which acclaimed "Dean of American Chess" George Koltanowski explains the thinking process behind the all-time great moves. Try to anticipate the moves of the masters as you play Illustrative Games which let you guess, then tell you what actually happened in classic matches. The ultimate test? Set the controls to Tournament Mode, and challenge Sargon V at its most brilliant skill level, under strict tournament time limitations.

    MAKE YOUR MOVE Just point and click on-screen - then watch as your hand or that of your on-screen opponent reaches in to respond on a stunning 3-D board. Set Sargon V to Beginner Mode, and when you select a piece, Sargon will highlight squares where you can legally move. Replay from any point in the game just by clicking on the Move List. Perfect your strategy, then save a series of moves to review later.

    CHECKMATE Make Sargon V your private chess mentor - and blow your opponent off the board in your next game!

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