Sargon V: World Class Chess Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

(VGA) Title Screen
(VGA) Chess board with enhanced pieces
(VGA) Wooden board w/ metal pieces, human's turn
(VGA) Plain board with Sargon making a move
(VGA) 2D Marble board view
(VGA) 2D Wooden board, showing move list
(VGA) Pop-up windows tell you the type of move you made
(VGA) In Beginner Mode, it shows you move options
(VGA) Extensive menu system and options
(VGA) Occasionally a squirrel might run by!
(EGA) Title Screen
(EGA) Chess board with enhanced pieces, Sargon's move
(EGA) Wooden board, human player's turn
(EGA) Plain board with metal pieces
(EGA) 2D Plain board view with metal pieces