Saturday Night Slam Masters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Match Mode.
Select your wrestler.
Next Bout.
In Los Angeles.
Making an entrance.
Opponent is entering the ring.
Low kick.
Knocked you in the air.
Hit on the head.
Throwing your opponent.
Throwing you across the ring.
Kick to the head.
Pinned down.
Opponent out of the ring.
Has you for a throw.
Slammed to the canvas.
High kick.
Pinned against the ropes.
Throw him.
In a hold.
Hold him for 3.
You Win!

FM Towns version

Title screen
I'm sure the punishment is SERVERE
Bears of all countries, unite
Character selection
Each wrestler has his own intro
Did you see THAT? The guy is really sharp
Waiting... waiting... like wild animals...
Cut your hair, you pinko freak!
This guy simply swirls back into the ring
I'm winner!
Right. Winner, Loser. Very clear. Thanks
Ring introduction
Somebody has to think tactics and all...
YUCK!!.. This guy actually DRINKS BLOOD!!..
Continue screen

Genesis version

Title screen
Character select screen
Before a fight
Marching to the ring
Stingray's flying attack
Gunloc vs Stingray
After a match
Outside the ring you can fight with weapons

SNES version

Title screen
Selecting game mode
Character select screen
Nice dropkick!
Character description
Haggar from Final Fight
The usual trash talk before a fight
Winning pose
"Battle Royal" coming up
Marching to the ring
Lots of action in the ring!
Stingray and Biff vs Gunloc and Rasta
Once your team mate is knocked out, you have to go against two enemies