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A susprising little gem with varied gameplay for action fans. DOS Trixter (8740)
A wonderful classic you just can't miss. DOS Tomer Gabel (4394)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 2 3.8
Amstrad CPC 1 4.0
Atari ST 2 3.2
Commodore 64 1 4.0
DOS 5 3.9
ZX Spectrum 2 4.4
Combined MobyScore 13 3.9

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
Savage is a game of three separately loaded parts linked together by a main theme: playing Savage, you have to escape from a dungeon by killing everything that moves, then when you've escaped realise that you've got to steam back in again 'cos you've gorn and left your 'chick' behind. Silly sausage. Let's have a butchers at the respective loads, shall we?
Amstrad CPCTilt
Bravo, enfin un logiciel bien programmé sur CPC. Les graphismes sont superbes, l'animation rapide et fluide et les bruitages corrects. Amis programmeurs, prenez-en de la graine.
Commodore 64Dragon
Yes, Savage is savage - on both your joystick palm and fire-button finger. If you aren't quick, you're dead. You earn extra points and bonus lives by battling and winning over those who confront you. Savage is a very good arcade/fantasy game and is well named!
AmigaCU Amiga
We first reviewed the 64 version of Savage in November last year, so methinks a brief recap is on the cards. Savage is a three part game, each part linked by a fairly feeble scenario, but thankfully no one buys games for their scenarios.
AmigaAmiga Computing
Savage is not your ordinary barbarian. He is psychic, has great magical powers and is going steady with one maiden. The loss of the latter two has made him angry. Not mildly angry, with the type of anger that would make any rational barbarian wait a couple of thousand years for someone to invent MPs and then write and complain, but really quite astonishingly angry indeed. And to cap it all, whoever nicked his magic and his love has not only imprisoned him, but has also made the mistake of leaving him his battle axe. Someone, somewhere, is going to regret that.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
The three stages are based on tried and tested designs, with gameplay nicely balanced between playability and difficulty. Stages two and three may be played without entering a password, leaving you to battle with only a single life, but ensuring you see the whole lively package.
As the exceptionally muscular character Savage, you have been locked up in a castle due to your love for a certain damsel. Needless to say docile behaviour to win parole isn't your style – instead you thump the gaoler one and make a break for it. Level one, the first of three separately loaded games, has you running through the castle, blasting all and sundry for points – and prizes (extra weapons, energy etc).
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The three stages offer different tests of game-playing ability, but no single one is that good. As a package, though, it hangs together well.
Amstrad CPCPower Play
Endlich mal wieder ein Spiel, das den CPC grafisch so richtig ausreizt. Savage ist eine edel gezeichnete Augenweide. Das Extrawaffen-System wurde gegenüber dem Vorgängerspiel “Trantor“ verfeinert. Drei Teilspiele, von denen jedes den Speicher des CPC vollknallt, bieten einen schönen Gegenwert fürs Geld. Beim Spiel-Design wurde aber leider kräftig mit der Axt geholzt: Die gegnerischen Angriffsformationen sind furchtbar wirr und müßten ein wenig berechenbarer sein. Fazit: ein technisch grandioses, aber spielerisch nur mittelmäßiges Programm.
Atari STPower Play
Auf dem CPC erntete dieser Action-Eintopf diverse "Aahs!" und "Oohs!" wegen der imposanten Grafik, das Spielprinzip ist eher schlicht. Auf dem Atari ST kann Savage weniger beeindrucken: Außer der höheren Auflösung gibt's kaum grafische Verbesserungen.
DOSPower Play
Der wilde Krieger "Savage" ist diesen Monat auf 16-Bit-Computern gut vertreten. Auch auf MS-DOS-PCs schwingt er jetzt freudig erregt das Hackebeilchen und kämpft sich durch drei Levels. Die Grafik der getesteten CGA-Version (eine spezielle EGA-Version soll in Kürze erscheinen) ist auch auf relativ lahmen PCs schön schnell. AT-Besitzer können die Spielgeschwindigkeit per Tastendruck auch verlangsamen. Die Grafik nutzt die bescheidenen CGA-Möglichkeiten tapfer aus; die Musik ist für PC-Verhältnisse prima. Wie bei der ST-Version stört hier allerdings das schlichte Spielprinzip.