Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game's title screen
The game's menu
From the introductory animation, this is the main baddie. He's a virus who's spread throughout Scooby's game.
The rest of the team arrive, of course they all split up again, Fred and Daphne go off looking for traps, Shaggy and Scooby enter the game to lure the virus out, Velma stays behind and co-ordinates
This room, where Velma stays, is the game's menu. The green computer screen is save/load/exit, in the centre is the Japan level - the only one available at the start, next is Rome and so-on
Only one character plays at a time. This is Scooby being teleported into the Japan level
Those things ahead may look like doggie dumps but they ate actually Scooby Snacks
Scooby defeats enemies by throwing pies at them so it is important to collect as many as possible. The red flower is how he aims, well can't have a real target reticule in a kids game can you?
The first level plays like a tutorial with lots of important but nevertheless annoying messages disrupting play. This is what a checkpoint looks like and it's just before a deadly river jump
This is the end of a level and it is denoted by a box of Scooby Snacks. When he gets the box Scooby does a little dance and returns to Velma
Once back in the control room the player's score is revealed. High scores depend on eating everything. No scores for speed or killing any enemies at all.