Scurge: Hive Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Mission briefing
Information on the Scurge
Approaching Planet Inos
Jenosa is under attack!
Jenosa's computer assistant, Magellan, provides advice
Blast those bugs!
Goo goes splattering everywhere
The warp drive has been infected!
Looks like this could be trouble!
Boss time! Shoot the outer parts to prevent it regenerating health
This thing still won't quit!
Uh oh, better abandon ship!
Jenosa has been infected - the meter at the top shows your infection percentage
A crash landing
Check out Jenosa's stats in the pause menu
Eerie fog covers the surface of Inos
Jenosa can grab onto these poles
Time to explore the lab!
Found a keycard - these will help you unlock new areas
At last! A decontamination platform!
These platforms heal Jenosa and save your progress.
Deadly, flaming, floating creatures!
Jenosa can read entries left by the staff for hints and clues
Got the Grapple - use it to move objects around
Dragging an enemy around!
Place the items on the switches to reactivate the elevator.
Another broken elevator!
Jenosa discovers a card hidden in the Scurge
Your save file's current progress