SEAL Team Credits (DOS)

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SEAL Team Credits


Game DesignAndre Gagnon, Paul Grace, Sonny Hays-Ebert
ProgrammingAndre Gagnon, Sonny Hays-Ebert
ProducerPaul Grace
Assistant ProducerSteven Matulac
Graphics Tom Collie, Gary Martin
MusicGeorge Alistair Sanger
SoundGeorge Alistair Sanger
Technical DirectorScott Cronce
Product ManagerSimon Etchells, Frank Gibeau
Package Design & IllustrationChris Morgan
Package Art DirectionChris Morgan
Software DocumentationMarti McKenna
Ancillary MaterialsClive Downie, Jamie Poolos
Documentation LayoutChris Morgan, Crystal DTP Ltd.
Testing ManagerRandy Delucchi
TestingMichael Hensley
Quality AssuranceRob Cavaness, Ted Fitzgerald
Special Thanks ToKevin Dockery, Bill Fawcett, Jean Anne Rose, James Watson, the UDT/SEALs Museum
LHA Copyright 1988‑93Haruyasu Yoshizaki

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