A different style of baseball game, Season Ticket Baseball 2003 pits you as the general manager of your own baseball team. Unlike most baseball games where you actually control your players, this game is entirely driven on statistics. Your job is simple, build the best team you can and beat the competition in the Great American Pasttime. You make trades, manage the minor leagues, train in the off-season, sign contracts, hire scouts and coaches, even set the ticket prices. It's your job to ensure that your baseball team is a success.

Contributed by NeoMoose (1274) on May 05, 2002.

Out of the Park Baseball 4 is a simulation of all aspects of the game and business of professional baseball. The game features several gameplay modes. You can import statistics and play any historical season over again as your favorite team, you can create your own league and manage it from any level, from managing a team to general manager of a team, to the league commissioner. The game can be played by yourself or you can compete with other players in one of many online leagues.

Contributed by Droog (522) on Apr 04, 2002.