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Main Menu
The game is split into chapters-like sections which you can play as you reach them, you cannot save your game progress anywhere
The game starts with set of well known questions for the lack of memory, where, how, who...!?
Whatever they did to you, looks like you ended with some handy skills you'll soon learn to control
One of your powers lets you heal yourself when there's no medkit around
Using telekinesis on one of the guards in the interrogation room (not a way to get your answers, though)
Who's that blood on your gloves, doc, so you better think twice before asking for help (despite of what it says on the screen, pressing 'F' will result in breaking the victim's neck)
First-person view comes in handy when you want to read or take a closer look at something because walking camera doesn't always play to your desire
Parallel to the present time, you'll experience what happened to John six months ago and how he got sucked into all this mess
this guard is doomed because this cinematic is yet another to demonstrate one of your newly acquired devastating powers
John will often use the computers throughout the game, so player will feel comfortable with the desktop design and usage
The stealth part of the game consists of leaning against wall and such to avoid cameras and stray bullets
Prepping a Psi Pulse attack for a nearby security guard
This is what happens to the picture when John overuses his psychic abilities
Using sniper to provide a covering fire to your squad
Holding the cave entrance with a sniper using first-person view
Being a gentleman, John takes on the enemy while Jayne stays in the back
When he doesn't know a password, John can be very creative at guesses
There would be no need to save anyone's life if Jayne wasn't rushing towards danger so recklessly
John can use projection to pass through deadly traps and set them off safely
Lockers may prove as a perfect hideout when the alarm goes off and room swarms with enemy forces
Aside your psychic powers, you can use weapons you'll find along the way
Enemies will often use cover, but wall can be destroyed by a rapid fire so no shelter is too permanent
If they wanted to stop me from escaping, they probably should've thought twice about leaving a getaway car
Approaching the asylum, the place that apparently holds Jayne imprisoned for whatever reason to be discovered
When accompanied by Jayne, you can use your psychic abilities to help her and fend off attacks on you two
While using projection, John can possess enemies and use them to his advantage

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