October 24th, 2005, Apogee released patched v1.0a shareware versions (and patches for registered versions) of old play-alike games Crystal Caves and Secret Agent after discovering that quitting these games under some installs of Windows XP (an operating environment that wasn't a twinkle in Bill Gates' eye at the time of these games' release) in some cases set the system clock back a century!

Credit for the fix goes to Peter "DOSBox" Veenstra and Crystal Caves' original programmer Frank Maddin; as the press release likes to point out, patching these titles up to 14 years after their initial release "has to be some kind of record."

The patched shareware version of Secret Agent can be downloaded at ; the patch for registered versions can be downloaded at

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Like most Apogee platformers Secret Agent is actually a trilogy. The first part of the trilogy is shareware, part two & part three are not. The names of the three episodes are:

  1. Mission One:"The Hunt for Red Rock Rover"
  2. Mission Two:"Kill Again Island"
  3. Mission Three:"Dr. No Body"

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You're not just any secret agent, you are Secret Agent 006 1/2!

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