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Secret Files: Sam Peters

Secret Files: Sam Peters Screenshots

Android version

Title and Main Menu
Options with background art
Sam Peters describes what happened just before this game will start (actually this event was seen in Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis)
Starting the game on the beach of Bali, Indonesia
Tutorial describes the game mechanics for this platform
The lock of Max Gruber is almost picked
The air pump needs to be composed before use
Top down overview
Pump up the boat
Charming editor is waiting for Sam to do the next job
The gates to Biological Institute in Berlin are closed
Pushing the trash can
Approaching the Biological Institute
So much items in the food machine, but will Sam take at least one item from it?
In the room of Prof. Hartmann
"Composing the letter" mini-game
Locating the professor's whereabouts
Flying from Europe to Africa
In the airport of Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana
Somebody has left a cap on the pole with strange scratches
Scaring the local boar with a megaphone
Finding a bag near the suspicious bridge
Fixing the bridge's rope
Palm has almost destroyed the hut at the camp
"Composing an electrical circuit" mini-game
Finding a laptop
Examining the numerous inventory items
Reading a valuable letter from professor to his beloved wife
Professor's laptop is protected with a password
Reading the professor's electronic diary
Sam is sleeping at night near the campfire
So many eyes are looking at Sam from the jungle at night
Making a photo of strange night eyes
Talking to a sister of the chapel located in the heart of African jungle
Reading a paper diary
Selecting flowers for the ritual
At the cemetery
"Gather five ants" mini-game
"Compose a map" mini-game
Map of the jungle near the Lake Bosumtwi
At the entrance to the cave
Interesting lock
Glowing items may be found in the cave corridors
The story of Asanbosams may be a key to their lair
Asanbosams surround the unconscious professor
Professor is still not very healthy, but he is ready for the interview
Sam Peters asks the questions
Overview of the hospital's room
Professor Hartmann describes the story
One of the possible endings

Secret Files: Sam Peters Screenshots

Windows version

Title and Main Menu
Sam Peters describe herself
Trying to escape Bali, Indonesia
Max's trunk has a special lock
Trying to compose the air pump
Near the lava
Using the air pump
Flying home
Home at last
Throwing the carpet on the fence in Berlin
Examining the inventory at the entrance
Examining the hotspots after entering the house
In professor's room
Composing the letter
Reading the details of the project professor was involved
Crying in megaphone on the airfield in Ghana
Scaring the wild boar
Trying to catch the ants
Collecting the toolkit near the bridge
Repairing the bridge's rope
Exploring the abandoned camp
Reading the letter to gain important clue for a laptop's password
Composing the sun battery's source
Booting up the laptop
Laptop's desktop menu items
Examining the angles in polygon with move sensors as vertices
Waking up in the camp at night
Photo of a strange creature
Walking to another location in the African jungle
Approaching the chapel
Examining the tomb
Composing the map to a secret cave
Comparing the needed flowers with the flowers in inventory
Making a stench near the entrance to the cave
Lantern shows the proper item in the matrix on the wall
Helping the professor to get rid of peril
Dialogue between Sam Peters and professor
Sam Peters herself
Professor himself
One of two possible endings