The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen
A nostalgic animation with the old graphics, as Guybrush presents the company logo... :)
The immortal phrase :) The dialogue is fully voiced!
The graphics in the remake are quite nice. Look at this moon...
Explaining how to play the game on the iPad
This pirate advertises Loom :) With an Australian accent, for some reason :)
Hmm, how to make this bird fly away?..
The re-made LeChuck :)
Brand new inventory screen
Dialogue choices are now superimposed over the screen. Terrible design choice

iPhone version

The Scumm Bar with new graphics
The original Scumm Bar
Ahoy there, fancy pants.
Title Screen
Main Menu
Let's eye...big scar...well...I'm at a loss for what to do now.
Just look at these three pickled old sots!
Ah, permanent borrowing - a proud adventure game tradition
You can almost hear the dramatic chord here, can't you?
Can YOU spot the cameo?
LeChuck politely communicates with his staff
Which one's the intelligent one? My money's on the parrot. favorite!
Wow, she really DOES know everything!
After a quick stroll around town, Guybrush has a friendly chat with the local bobby.
What an overextravagant, useless building. And next to that, the church.
Piranha Poodles - the deadliest security system known to man.
Visit exciting locales! Meet the colorful locals!
A circus! I love a circus.
And really, that's what life's all about, isn't it.

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Game opening starts with original Monkey Island graphics.
Main title appears along with a new graphics style.
Guybrush will do anything to become a pirate, but first he needs to earn some money.
Map of Melee Island in special edition mode has some enhancements like animated water.
Map of Melee Island in original mode.
Gotta pay the toll to the troll if you want to cross the bridge.
The lookout on Melee Island.
You can switch to original mode and vice-versa at any moment during gameplay.
Arriving at the legendary SCUMM bar.
Entering a bar full of pirates... Guybrush is all but ecstatic.
Guybrush seems to be able to communicate even with dogs.
Waiting for cook to leave the kitchen before taking a peak inside.
You can use shortcut buttons or open list of available commands and manually select wanted action.
Game uses nostalgic 5.25" floppy disk icon during auto-save moments.
You can ring that be----ll!! Ring that bell!
During transition to original mode, image is displayed in full screen to match the special edition version before it shrinks in order to create space for the inventory and action list.
A sword-fight is not won by the sword, but by good insults and comebacks.
Once you've trained enough, you can challenge the Sword Master to a duel.
Stealing the statue from the Governor's mansion.
Feeling bedazzled in front of the Governor.
This does not bode well for our wanna-be pirate hero.
It's a good thing he can hold breath for 10 minutes.
A view of the underwater in a classic mode.
Hunting for the treasure.
It's Captain Threepwood now.
Inside the Captain's cabin you can find a diary of the ship's previous owners.
The crew seems reluctant in helping you on your expedition.
Right flag for a pirate ship.
Preparing the recipe for one-way to Monkey Island in a classic mode.
There's a lot of useful stuff to be found on this ship.
The map of Monkey Island.
Meeting Herman Toothroot, the only civilized inhabitant on Monkey Island, or so he claims.
Bringing up the inventory screen to find something to blow up the dam.
Some mysteries are better left unsolved.
Will need a lot of rope in order to reach those oars.
Time to row, row, row your boat.
Monkey Island in all its splendor of original mode.
Ship ahoy!
Interrupting the band of ghost pirates.

Windows version

Main Menu
An overview of the different ways the game can be controlled.
The classic introduction...
...morphs into a new title screen.
Guybrush' legendary introduction
You can morph to the classic game at any moment.
Part one begins.
The revamped SCUMM bar is gorgeous.
You have arrived at melee island.
The three pirates.
The new verb box for the actions along with the inventory
Close-up of one of the pirates in the bar.
LeChuck doesn't want his plans foiled.
Front of governor's mansion.
Overview of melee island.
Circus is in town.
Hook island.
Troll wants a toll.
Kitchen at Scumm bar.
Do the monkey dance.
Old man's shop.
Front of sword master's house.
Talking to Carla, the sword master.
Front of pirate gym.
Talking to Captain Smirk.
Fight against the machine.
Guybrush vs pirate.
Lost in forest.
Inside Governor's mansion.
City jail.
Governor Elaine Marley.
Underwater adventure.
Digging a treasure.
Ready to meet the best.
Close-up of Guybrush Threepwood.
Stan sells old vessels.
Your ship at sea.
On deck of your ship.
Captain's room.
You have arrived to monkey island.
The cannibals!
The SCUMM bar
Talking to the dog
The Voodoo lady
Guybrush the human cannonball
LeChuck got away, and with Elaine no less
Checking the ship cargo
Meeting Herman Toothrot on Monkey Island
This poor soul no longer needs that rope... and I do
Using invisibility potion to sneak past the ghost pirates on LeChuck's ship