Seek and Destroy Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with an animated introduction complete with 'Star Wars' text explaining the backstory
The game's main menu
This is the game configuration screen. Not really a lot here.
The Battlemode option from the main menu brings up these options for quick blast of action. The next screen offers the choice of a Battle game or a Mini game
Here we're in Battlemode, having selected a Player vs PC mini game, we now have to choose the kind of game we want to play
This is the mini-game tank selection screen
In this mini game the player has to destroy a tower faster than their opponent. It's a bit boring really as the biggest gun seems to win most of the time
The objective of the Water Race mini game
The Water Race mini game is a split screen affair. Although the player has won the game is not over until player 2, the computer, has finished
The start of a Battle mini game. The player chooses the battlefield from this carousel arrangement that is used in a lot of the game's menus
The start of a mini battle. The objective is to locate and destroy the enemy tank
At the end of each mini game there's a 'You Won/Lost' message that's followed by statistics like this and a chance to play again
Playing a full game and the game asks for a player id. At least it allows a decent length name
The tank selection screen at the start of a full game is different to the screen used in a mini game
Each section/mission in the full game starts with an animated introduction. The black tank is the chief baddie
The mission starts when the animation ends. The chief goodie, in blue, gives the player their orders 'Go left and kill"
The game begins. Ahead and to the left is one of our tanks denoted by the blue flag. all bad tanks have black tanks
Got one! A baddie bites the dust
Looks like the good guys have won this one. Even the baddie tanks manage to look cute
The end of the mission and gold has been earned
Not only has gold been earned but the player gets a new tank!
Mission two starts like this. The player must drive their new tank to the black flag, There the point of view changes and a cut scene runs setting up the story for the next battle
There are some interesting machines in this game. These are tanks being parachuted in. Other tanks can actually fly with the right modifications
Playing a game as a tank does make the player feel almighty and invulnerable. Of course this is not the case