Kolibri Screenshots (SEGA 32X)

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SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Main menu
It's Kolibri!!
Kolibri partakes in sweet nectar...
Clear the bugs away from the flowers.
Check out those backgrounds....
Our Kolibri is really powerful.
Defend these flowers against the bad insects.
Collect some power-ups and weapon enhancements.
After we've defeated the mighty insects, these flowers are under our control.
Beware! This frog is always hungry!
Some kind of level boss
Unknown ancient ruins
Scorpio may look big and scary but it's not so dangerous
Each of this big drops is deadly
Slowly moving living bomb to the target
Choosing a weapon near the waterfall
Sneaking into the enemies' lair
Walking monster is blocking the way
Scenery is just breathtaking
This weapon can shoot even backward
2D action game can't be completed without something falling on you from the celling
Its tongue is really long. Watch out!
Red ants appear in an endless row