T-Mek (SEGA 32X)

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Written by  :  gametrader (233)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2004
Platform  :  SEGA 32X

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Mad Max meets Battlezone

The Good

Getting to blow people up is always a good thing. I like the fact I was able to buy the game for 5 times less than what I spent at the arcade playing it.

The Bad

The graphics are poor low resolution digitized pictures that pixillate badly when you get close to an object. Same as the arcade unit but much more noticeable on the 32x. However gameplay outweighs the graphics limitations.

The Bottom Line

Your vehicle is part tank and part hovercraft. You have a basic shot and several different advanced weapons that need to be picked up on the field under moving transmitters. You also have a shield that is time limited and a special ability. You get a first person view plus an overhead map view of your opponents. Each match takes place in a different arena where some elements can be blown up and some parts of the terrain slow you down. To pass to the next round you need to have the high score. If you get blown up you come back. You can pick up energy from blown up opponents. Extra points for first kills and revenge kills so if you die make sure you target the one that blew you up first. Every few rounds you have to fight a boss in a deathmatch where you lose if you die. The bosses have helpers and it is wise to think strategy and eliminate them first so you can concentrate on the boss when the time comes. The 32x version is the only console version available. This makes it a "must have" game.