Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - 32X:

    So you think you're ready for the TOUGHMAN CONTEST? Strap on the gloves and we'll find out. This is my big shot and I'm not going to be stopped. Not by you, not by NOBODY. I've been workin' 12 hours a day in a meat packing plant using my fists to break frozen bones. I can't wait to get my paws on you. I'm going to knock you out of the ring. You're dead MEAT!

    - Anonymous Toughman Hopeful


    * 2 Player Head-to-Head fighting * 32 Meg cart for awesome 256 color graphics and animation - Knock opponents out of the ring - "Yo-yo" opponents off the ropes * 24 Tougher-than-Tough fighters from around the world, featuring 2-time Toughman finalist: Butter Bean * 14 Devastating Power Punches, including: - The Popeye Punch - The Haymaker - The Windmill Wind-up * Custom Tournament feature allows up to 8 players to butt heads * 5 Fight Pits across the globe * Secret Power Ups

    [From 32X Back cover]

    Contributed by tlm (596) on Aug 23, 2003.