The Adventures of Batman & Robin Credits

At Sega

ProducerBert Schroeder
Product ManagerJohn Garner
Assitant ProducerJohn Pedigo
Marketing SpecialistClint Dyer
Lead TesterCrisi Albertson
Assistant LeadsJoel Breton, Fernando Valderrama
TestersJanine Cook, Renato Alferez, Noah Mackenzie, Cesar Lemus, Atom Ellis, Arnold Feener, Mike Williams, Don Carmichael, Mark Subotnick, Sean Doidge, David Wood, Sean Potter, Mark Griffin, Todd Slepian, Nicole Tatem, Anthony Borba, Rob Prideaux
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw, Neil Hanshaw
Digital Video Production & CompressionKaty Weathers

Music & Sound

Game Music Composed byBurke Trieschmann
Game Music Produced byBurke Trieschmann
GuitarsJ. D. Reilly
Electric ViolinPoindexter Wiggenbotham
Gameplay Sound FXBrian Coburn
Animation ScoreSpencer N. Nilsen
Animation Sound FXDave Young

At Clockwork Tortoise, Inc.

ProducerJames Maxwell
Assistant ProducerAlan Fernandez
ProgrammerAndrew Green
Assistant ProgrammerJohn O'Brien
ArtistsRobert Hemphill, Noel Hines, Christopher George

At Warner Bros. Animation

Project AdministrationChuck Ansel
Story byPaul Dini, Bruce Timm
Written byPaul Dini
Directed byBruce Timm
Production ManagerHaven Alexander
EditorialTheresa Gilroy-Nielson
Track ReadersBradley Carow, Denise Whitfield
Sheet‑timerJames Walker
Storyboards byKevin Altieri, Troy Adomitis, Brian Chin, Momcilo Lukic, Ronaldo Del Carmen, Curt Geda, Michael Goguen, Douglas Murphy
Backgrounds byRoland Butz, Russell Chong, David Karoll, Rae McCarson, Felipe Morell, Charles Pickens, Jerry Weesner
Prop & Character Designs byJonathan Fisher, Glen Murakami, Shayne Poindexter
Animation CheckersJanice Browning, Brenda Brummett, Jennifer Damiani, Barbara Dranko, Karl Jacobs, Howard Schwartz
Ink & PaintJean DuBois, Kathryn Gilmore, Carolyn Guske, Eric Nordberg, Valerie Walker
Production AssistantSteven Kindermay
Xerox & ShippingCarlton Batten, Anna Durand

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (199916) and Multimedia Mike (19807)