Blackhole Assault Credits (SEGA CD)

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Blackhole Assault Credits


ProgrammingAzy, Foma, Skeleton
DesignNao, Nishii, Man Chan, You
MusicStudio River Kids, Fandango Co. Ltd., Shaka
VoicesTerence McGovern, Peter Scott, Penny Jacob, Francine Scott, Mike Babbit, Jeff Ray, Robin Yeager
Sound DesignPeter Scott (Soundcat)
Engineered & MixedRobin Yeager
Digitally MasteredSoundcat on the Waveframe 1000 Daws
Sound ProducedTacey Miller
U.S. Script AdaptationStewart Perkins, Tacey Miller
Special ThanksBignet Staff, Kaoru Ogi, Tatsurou Toshirou, Page‑Boy, Tetsuo Togano, T. Matsunaga, Hiroyuki Fujita, SNM
ProducerAkihiko Murakami

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