Bram Stoker's Dracula Screenshots (SEGA CD)

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SEGA CD version

Title screen
A narrator introduces each level as if reading from a novel.
Such skillful fighting
Video backdrops are rendered CG.
There's always time for breakdancing!
Some creative bosses mix up the standard bats and rats.
Levels are broken into rooms, each with their own transition and animated camera intro.
Confusingly edited clips from the film introduce levels and bosses.
Each of Dracula's forms appears as a boss.
There's a large variety of backgrounds and levels.
Fighting Lucy as in the film.
The backdrop rotates in some instances instead of scrolling on a flat track.
Fighting young Dracula in an asylum.
Some levels have 3-D horse riding sections.
Level 6 continues the horse chase into 2-D.
Hynngggaaah! Scram, rats!
Death. Temporary if you still have lives.