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Brutal: Paws of Fury (SEGA CD)

Brutal: Paws of Fury SEGA CD Developer animation


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Furry Fighting alternative to the other fighting games. gametrader (229) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.6
Overall MobyScore (5 votes) 2.8

The Press Says

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Video Games & Computer Entertainment
Brutal will definitely quench you fighting fits of need. Overall, the game is fun and it's innovative features will probably get ripped off by future games, which is always a definite measure of quality.
Only play Brutal on the Sega CD, as the other versions are pretty pathetic when compared to this package. You get the same game with a few more extra features, cool FMV, and an extra character. It's quite rare nowadays, so the chances are that you'll only be able to play the Genesis or the SNES version. If you can't find the Sega CD game then get the Genesis version; it's a little choppy in comparison but it's the next best thing. Brutal is something that you may want to check out if you're tired of playing the more popular fighters on the system or the Mega Drive. It's ideal for collectors and most fighting game fanatics will be pleased to find something that does things a little bit differently.
Game Players
Overall I was quite impressed, frustrated, intrigued, confused, amused and undecided about Brutal. All I know is I spent enough time playing this stupid game to lose my tan, my girlfriend and most of my patience. As usual, those are all the signs of a good game. So if you're afraid the ozone layer's gone and you'd prefer that your girlfriend was too, get Brutal, tell her to pay for her own damn movie and give this game a rent!
GamePro (US)
Additional perks include outtakes of eliminated scenes, detailed bios on each character and a Brutal band that cranks the tunes. But these perks don't pop when compared to the game's flaws.
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Brutal throws some new ideas into the over-crowded fighting game world. The concept of having to defeat opponents to learn special attacks is cool, but may be too strange for die-hard fighting game lovers. The CD music is simply incredible and the cinemas are cartoon-like for added fun. Alas, the game suffers from quirky timing. What could have been a hot contender, will have to settle for a lower rank.
Defunct Games
If there was a game that deserves more, Brutal is the game. If you want something cute, this is the game, and as fighting games go on the Sega CD, this is one of the best! However, that isn't saying a damn thing.