Demolition Man (SEGA CD)

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Demolition Man Credits


ProgrammersTodd Johnson, Eric Yiskis
Sega CD ProgrammerEarl Stratton
Tools and Library SupportCraig Ewert
Original DesignEric Yiskis, Doug Modie
DesignDoug Modie, Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
ArtistsGerilyn Wilhelm, Fred Butts, Brian Kemper, Ding Palang, Jerry Jessurum, Dan McNamera, Armand Cabrera, Scott Rogers
DirectorNeil Balthaser
Associate ProducerFrank Simon, Jeff Buccellato
Special ThanksTheodore Warnock, Matthew J. Powers, Ken Balthaser Jr., Eiko Balthaser, Jeff Goodwin, Russ Stireman, Dave Gross, Craig Danville
Music and Sound EffectsOrca Games
Vice President of Software PublishingNeil Young
Executive ProducerR. Scott Russo
Assistant VirginRob Smith
QA ManagerDavid Maxey
QA Group HeadsChris McFarland, Paul Moore
Lead AnalystMitch Feldman
Product AnalystsChad Soares, Jon Williams, Mitch Feldman, Chris Nelsen, Nick Camerota, Jim Getz, Scott Manning, Paul Shoener, Chris Rausch, Stacey Mendoza, Mick Love, Victor Rodriguez
Additional MusicKeith Arem
Additional Sound EffectsJoey Kuras
Special Thanks ToTommy Tallarico (for his musical and SFX insights)

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