Earthworm Jim: Special Edition Credits


Programming Andy Astor
Additional Programming David Perry, Nicholas A. Jones
Original Concept Douglas TenNapel
Level Design Tom Tanaka
Animation Director Michael Francis Dietz
Animators Douglas TenNapel, Edward Schofield
Art Director Nick Bruty
Lead Artist Stephen Crow
Ink & Paint Eric Ciccone, Mike Pilotti
Clean Up Clark Sorenson, Ryan Silva, Nicholas Wilson
Additional Artwork Lin Shen
Designed by Shiny Entertainment
Produced by Justin Siller
Music & Sound Effects Tommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Additional Music Arrangements byMark Miller, Mical Pedriana
Additional Guitars byCaptain Crunch
Additional Editing byRoosla
Mixed atGroup 4 Recording Studios; Hollywood
Mastered atA&M Studios; Hollywood
Mastered byDave Collins
Mastering AssistantPat Sullivan
Development Tools Andy Astor, Dan Chang, Psy‑Q
Director of Quality Assurance Jeremy S. Barnes
Console Technician Brian McInerny
Lead Testers Yuki Furumi, Dave Simon
Testers Steve Rizor, Lawrence Smith, Chris Parker, Shane Cleavelin, Jeffrey Karl Barnhart, Darren L. Monahan
Special ThanksBrian Fargo, Becky Tran, Michael Koelsch, Rick Thrasher, Tex Avery, Shiny Spouses, Moore & Price Design

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