Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - Sega CD:

    Enter the award-winning sci fi universe of Out of This World."

    A cool blue world where the past and future coexist.

    Where electric torture chambers are manned by primitive humanoids.

    And the merciful turn merciless just to survive.

    Imagine an alien prison.

    Where every passage you enter is one you may never exit.

    Every creature lives to try and take your life.

    And the further you run the closer you get to the sadist they call The Warden.

    Contains two complete games - the all-new sequel plus the original strategy adventure (winner of 4 major industry awards)

    Over 70 challenging rooms filled with mutant guards, vicious beasts, dripping acid and falling stalactites.

    Award winning polygonal graphics add a distinct visual style

    Critically acclaimed sound effects and mood-setting music

    Solve puzzles and escape death traps with electric weapons, plasma blasts and inhuman powers

    Movie-like cinematography draws you into the action

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Nov 12, 2003.