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GamePro (US) (Feb, 1995)
If you're looking for an action-packed platform game, Iron Helix probably isn't for you. It dishes out slowly, suspense-filled strategy and it's three difficulty levels make for hours of playability. But it'll get you with an iron grip: You'll grind your teeth and the probe's gears over Iron Helix.
Freak (Mar, 1995)
המשחק נועד לבלשים בנשמה, שיידעו לחרוש את כל השלבים ביסודיות. יותר משזהו משחק פעולה, זה קווסט לפדנטים בנשמה, קשה לומר שזה הכיף המושלם...
70 (Sep 04, 2014)
Still, Iron Helix basically succeeds in doing what it sets out to do. The gameplay is streamlined, free of frustration, and never feels unfair or abrasive. Hardcore action gamers won’t be smitten with Iron Helix, but the kind of player who enjoys puzzle-solving games and graphic adventures will find something to appreciate here. It’s also a fine choice to play with the aid of a friend, family member, or anyone who’s willing to navigate and read maps while you work the controller and dodge the Defender.
Just Games Retro (Jan 11, 2003)
Iron Helix isn't a game that everyone, maybe even most gamers, will enjoy. It is very slow, very methodical, and there is an extreme emphasis on exploration and hiding. You won't be able to breeze through this very quickly at all, as the DNA takes time to find, and you'll constantly be rerouted to dodge the security bot. But if you know exactly what you're getting into, you'll find the game can be quite a lot of fun. This one's hard to find, but worth the download if you want a tense strategy game.
Video Games (Jan, 1995)
Ein qualitativ aufwendiger Digi-Vorspann läßt den Käufer auf ein hervorragendes Spiel hoffen. Doch unmittelbar, nach dem Spielstart, folgt zugleich der erste Dämpfer. Bildschirm füllend macht sich eine Metallamatur breit, die neben zahlreichen Optionen ein kleines Fenster enthält, von dem Ihr die Aktionen Eurer Sonde steuert. Die farblose 3D-Pixel-Grafik ist selbst für das Mega-CD eine Schande. Die Entwickler verlassen sich vielmehr auf ihre spannende Story, die im Endeffekt wirklich den einzigen Anreiz bietet, die Silberscheibe etwas länger im Gerät verweilen zu lassen. Das gewisse Kribbeln kommt erst dann auf wenn Euch der Killer-Roboter auf den Fersen hängt. Ansonsten: Gääähn!
Game Players (Feb, 1995)
Helix requires patience and time. To beat it, you have to check out everything. If you're capable of doing that, then Iron Helix is for you. But if you want the instant results you can only get from winning the lottery, pass the game up.