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Mean Machines (Nov, 1993)
Although it doesn't make great use of the Mega-CD hardware, this is still a brilliant shoot 'em up. Thoroughly recommended.
Video Games (Dec, 1993)
Keio Flying Squadron ist neben Thunderhawk das beste Spiele für den Mega-CD-Spiel.[...] Besorgt Euch den CDX-Adapter für das Mega-CD und kauft Euch dieses Spiel. Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen.
Sega Force (Jun 20, 1995)
Spelkänslan är mycket bra. Att manövrera är lätt, och man kan dessutom ställa in vilken känslighet och snabbhet man önskar att de ska röra sig med. Både musik och effektljud är mycket bra. Musiken är en ganska häftig hjälte-trudelutt som då och då blir lite spännande. Allt inspelat med riktiga instrument och samplers. Inget "Mario-plipp-plopp" alltså! Ett jättejapanskt spel som är himla roligt att blasta sig igenom.
Hardcore shooter fans will appreciate the nonstop action, myriad enemy types, freakish bosses, and weapon variety. Unless you loathe eccentricity, Keio is an experience that deserves a fair share of nostalgia.
Mega Fun (Mar, 1994)
Auf den ersten Blick hat Keio Flying Squadron wenig Neues zu bieten. Das ewig lange Intro läßt schon nichts Gutes erahnen. Spielt man dann aber das eigentliche Spiel, entdeckt man eine Welt mit einfacher, aber lustiger Grafik, und die süße Titelheldin muß man einfach gerne haben. Im Laufe der sechs Levels gibt es laufend Extras, die zum Aufbau der Kampfkraft dienlich sind und immer wieder zum Weiterspielen motivieren. Leider flackert es gelegentlich, was aber bei soviel umherfliegenden Gegnern noch zu verzeihen ist und sich auch gar nicht negativ auf das Spielvergnügen auswirkt. Die Hintergrundmusik unterstützt die Witzigkeit und übertönt dabei die etwas blechernen Geräusche der abstürzenden Feinde. Vor allem die etwas Jüngeren werden Ihre helle Freude daran haben.
So if you're a fan of the obtuse and enjoy playing games that have great animated sequences, funny characters and loads of laughs, you won't be disappointed. Keio Flying Squadron is an unqualified riot.
GamePro (US) (Apr, 1995)
Keio moves as smoothly as it sounds, so novice players and serious shooters alike will enjoy Keio. If you're tired of complicated flight sims and shooters, Keio may be the break you're looking for.
I’ll go ahead and give KFS the “best Sega CD shooter” nod, just edging out Lords of Thunder and Robo Aleste. It’s like a goofy interactive anime, and it’s fun to play. That’s a recipe right out of my favorite cookbook.
A cutesy shooter with the standard requirements for the genre: huge bosses and power-ups. This one adds excellent cinemas and sound effects. This must be one of the best shooters ever to appear on the Sega CD!
Defunct Games (Oct 01, 2005)
At first I was quite bored by Keio Flying Squadron; then, out of nowhere, I was addicted to it. This really is too unique to not like. If you want a quirky shooter with an interesting (albeit wacky) story then this game is worth checking out. It must be said though, that when compared the juggernauts of shooters -- R-type, Thunder Force, Gradius -- its gameplay is weak. But then, those games don't contain Keio's charm.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 02, 2012)
Keio Flying Squadron is appealing because of it offers simple, old-fashioned shooting action with plenty of eye candy to boot. It's not as great as some make it out to be, but it's very unique and makes a nice addition to the collection.
60 (Jul 08, 2004)
While it certainly does not appeal to everyone, especially those into the heavy sci-fi themes of other shooters, it is still a fun little parody on its own. The story is cute and funny, with some simple, but good Japanimation nicely dubbed, along with solid gameplay with a fair challenge rate. The graphics and characters are made big and colorful to reflect the entire image of the game accurately. With the fair amount of options available, the game can be played by the hard-core folks just to say they finished another game (without continuing is advised of course) and still have some fun. The supply of enemies is not huge but the game gives a fair amount to kill. Whoever the hell was at JVC sure did pick an odd title to translate, but at least they got the right voice actors for the english dialogue. As a result, it has made the game much more enjoyable for the story and helped the overall game's theme. It's a nice small game, but don't spend more than 10 to 20 bucks on it at most.
Game Players (May, 1995)
To put it bluntly, this game was tiresome. It takes no ability to constantly shoot and it only takes a matter of time and some luck to figure out how to avoid the onslaught of bullets headed your way. So, don't let a name fool ya. If you do get caught in the Flying Squadron, make sure you're sitting in the crash position.