The Lawnmower Man Credits

1st Unit

Visualisation EngineersRobert Plested (Bob Plested), Glenn Broadway, Virgil Manning, Russ Dunham
Development SystemJohn Chasey
Directed ByFergus McNeill

2nd Unit

Associate ProducerClement Chambers
Additional DesignMark Eyles
Computer Voice byMargot Steinberg
Online Production ManagerMichael Hodges
PublicityColin Brown, James Owens
Distribution ConsultantNicky Pancoust
Budget ControlNigel Wayne, Bhanu Patel
Assistant to Ms CavanaghStephanie Railton
Testing ManagerJames Loftus (Jim Loftus)
TestingChris Lipscombe, Michael Wolliston, Sean Kelly, Nick Ryan, David C. Bowler (Dave Bowler)
Music "Entity" bySteve Hillage
Additional Music byFergus McNeill
Playback EnginesJohn Chasey, Jon Mullins (Jon "JBM" Mullins), Ken Farnen
Executive ProducerJane Cavanagh
Produced byRob Henderson
Cyberjobe Appears Courtesy ofAngel Studios
The Producers Wish to ThankFreehand, Adris, Wavefront UK
Copyright © 1993The Sales Curve Limited

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rounin (1557)