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Make My Video: INXS (SEGA CD)

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Make My Video: INXS Credits

Make My Video: INXS

Executive ProducerMartin Erlichman, Tom Zito
Original ConceptKenneth Melville, Tom Zito
Written byJohn Richardson, Laurie Frank
Computer Programming ByKen Soohoo
Produced byAmanda Lathroum, Tim Tennant
Directed byKen Berris


LaylaJamie Zozzaro
JoeyAllison Barron
TedScott Menville
GomezJason Majik
FloDorit Saver
TigerMichelle Clunie
FlyNicholas Read
PoindexterJoseph Foss


Production ManagerLarry Serraino
Assistant DirectorCyrus Yavneh
Director of PhotographyHarry Dawson
Production CoordinatorGreg Dowden
Production SupervisorHarriet Cheng
Post Production SupervisorRik Sandoval
Post Production CoordinatorVictor Bank
Project CoordinatorLisa Lindo Lieblein
EditorJohnathan Levy
Assistant CamerapersonBrian Garbellini
GafferJoey Alvarado
Best BoyBill Holdsworth
Key GripChris Kennard
GripMark Skupen, Rick Petretti
SwingLarry Glover
Art DirectorNick Goodman
Property MistressCarole Cooke
Lead PersonMark Edie
Prop AssistantEddie Bernard
Sound MixerLee Alexander
Boom OperatorLee Archer
Video TechnicianBrian Gaetke
Wardrobe StylistMontana Creekmore
Wardrobe AssistantsAriana Salvato, Mary Walbridge
Make‑Up/Hair StylistKathleen Crawford
Make‑Up/Hair AssistantLaura DeLuisa
Script SupervisorJean Finley
Assistant Production CoordinatorCharla Pollack-Rose
Talent CoordinatorFelicia Miller-Volk
Still PhotographerLaura Hallenbrook
Production Assistant/VideoSean Isroelit
Production Assistants/SetScott Murphy, Brooke Berdis
Production Assistants/SecurityA. J. Schnack, Patrick Mainello
Stage ManagerJohn Mitchell
LibrarianWendy Walters
Avid Technical Advisor/EditorStu Hardy
Avid EditorsJon Levy, Joe Areno, Lary Moten, Tim Preston, Joel Negron
Assistant EditorKaren Schwartz
ScreenersGary Kelley, Ray Carpenter, Michael Rivkin, Ray Lykins
Post Production AssistantRichard Wolf
ReceptionistSusan Pickle
Post Production FacilitiesStarfax, Mix Magic, Margarita Mix/LA Studios, Vid Com Post, B&J Studios, Film Preservation Associates, Kolbeco, Precision Post, Suzy Vaughn Associates

For Sega of America, Inc.

ProducersJon Correll, Kent Russell
Product ManagerPamela Kelly
Lead TestersIvan Foong, Unni Pillai
TestersMichael Baldwin, Greg Becksted, Harry Chavez, Erik Wahlberg, Alex Fairchild, Casey Grimm, Stephen Patterson, Jon Russell, Jill Schwartz, Gerald DeYoung, Ben Szymkowiak

For Digital Pictures, Inc.

Legal Counsel, Business AffairsBarry Tyerman, Armstrong & Hirsch
Legal Counsel, Intellectual PropertyDavid Hayes, Fenwick & West
VP, EngineeringMark Klein
Director, Computer GraphicsLode Coen
Computer GraphicsCuyler Gee, Joshua Solomon
Assistant ProducerDena Maheras
Production AssistantsJayne Cotten, Joan Bierman
Production AccountantAnne Flautt Read
"Heaven Sent" Video DirectorRichard Lowenstein
"Heaven Sent" Video ProducerMichele Bennett
"Not Enough Time" Video DirectorHoward Greanhaigh
"Not Enough Time" Video ProducerMegan Hollister
"Not Enough Time" Video EditorDuncan Shepard
"Baby Don't Cry" Video DirectorPaul Boyd
"Baby Don't Cry" Video ProducerMichael Kahn

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