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MegaRace (SEGA CD)

MegaRace SEGA CD Good thought to add subtitles


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In the credits of the Best Seller re-release, they added "Sega program", "Sega palette", "3DO program", "3DO graphics" and "CD32 program", in obvious reference to the Sega/Mega CD, 3DO and Amiga CD32 ports (which, in fact, the CD32 port was never released). It's the same in the 3DO and Sega/Mega CD ports

Contributed by Lance Boyle (1309) on Nov 07, 2009. -- edit trivia

This game came with some Packard Bell computers in the early to mid 90's.

Contributed by Mullet of Death (603) on Mar 17, 2005. -- edit trivia